Use Takeaways™ to Extend Your Lesson and Give Students Feedback

  1. Overview of Takeaways
  2. Example Takeaway
  3. Enable Takeaways
  4. Publish Takeaways
  5. How to Find and Comment on a Student's Takeaway


A Pear Deck Takeaway is a notes document for your students. After you finish presenting your Pear Deck lesson, you can choose to Publish Takeaways for each student.  Note: Takeaways are a Premium Feature. Learn what's included in Pear Deck Premium

Here are some important things to know about a Takeaway:

  1. A Takeaway is a Google Doc.  
  2. When you publish Takeaways for a Session, each student in your Session gets their own copy of the document in their Google Drive
  3. In the Takeaway, students can see each slide from the Deck as well as any answers they provided to your questions.  They only see their answers, not the answers of their peers.
  4. The teacher has editing rights to each student's Takeaway. That means you can open a student's Takeaway and leave comments for them. You can also share it with other teachers, parents, or mentors through the Google Drive "share" interface.
  5. In addition to the content from your Session, we also provide students with areas to reflect on what they learned.
  6. Takeaways can be published only once per Session (but you can run unlimited Sessions in Pear Deck).

Example Takeaway

The image below shows you what each Takeaway will look like. Notice that the document contains the name of the Session, the name of the Deck, the name of the person who presented, and the date.

Use a Takeaway to Extend the Lesson

When you publish Takeaways, you give students an easy way to go back and review the lesson later. 


You can also use Takeaways to extend the lesson beyond the classroom. Assign Takeaways as homework. You can ask students to reflect on what they learned in the spaces provided. You can ask them to reflect on another student's answer that differed from theirs, or to describe their thought process as they unpacked certain questions.  These kinds of reflection questions helps students think about their learning process in a meta-cognitive way.

Because you have access to the Takeaway through Google Docs, you can leave comments for students, giving them very specific feedback on their answers. See the example below for ideas.

Enable Takeaways

Before using Takeaways, make sure they are activated in your Settings tab on your Pear Deck Home screen.

Publish Takeaways

There are 2 ways to Publish a Takeaway

  1. When you end a Session
  2. From the Gear Menu next to a session name

1. When You End a Session

When you are done presenting your lesson, be sure to click the "More Actions" menu button in your Navigation Bar - it looks like three vertical dots.

Select End This Session.

A box will appear to let you name your session. You might call it something like "World History Period 1." Once you name it, you can check a box to Publish Takeaways.

2. From the Gear Menu

Any time you see a list of sessions you've given, you will see a More Actions menu next to each session in the list. Click on this icon to Publish Takeaways for that session.

How to Find and Comment on a Student's Takeaway

When you publish a Takeaway, you will get a link. For you, this link will take you to a list of the Takeaway documents for this Session. When you give the link to a student, it will open the Takeaway made specially for that student.

You can also find your Takeaways in Google Drive at any time.

Once you Publish your first Takeaway, you'll find a folder in your Drive called "Pear Deck." Under that, a folder called "Takeaways." Under that, a folder with the name of your Deck. Finally, you'll see a folder with the name of your Session. Inside of it, you will find all of the Takeaways for the class period.

So if I present the Deck "Water Pollution" to Period 2 and publish a Takeaway for that class, there will be a second folder underneath "Water Pollution" with all of the Takeaways for Period 2.

Tomorrow, if I present a Deck called "Air Pollution," and publish Takeaways, there will be a second folder under "Takeaways" called "Air Pollution."

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