Canvas Integration for Teachers and Students


When you integrate Pear Deck into Canvas, you turn a Pear Deck presentation Session into an Assignment. This gives your students in Canvas instant access to the Session without needing the Join Code or Link like they do in a traditional Pear Deck Session. Your students' responses are saved in your Sessions menu like always.

Peary_Normal (Forward)This integration is available only to users who have a district or school-wide subscription to Pear Deck at this time. Please ask your school's Pear Deck administrator if you are eligible, or reach out to if you have questions. Administrators, please read this article to learn how to install the Pear Deck integration into Canvas so teachers can access it.

Start a Pear Deck assignment (Teachers)

  1. Have an interactive Pear Deck for Google Slides or PowerPoint Online Slides file ready to present. The presentation files are saved automatically in your Google Drive or OneDrive and you will select the one you want to present to students in Step 10.
  2. Open Canvas.
  3. Go to Assignments
  4. Click on +Assignment. Schoology, add assignment button, arrow
  5. Customize your assignment. To add an interactive Pear Deck presentation, scroll down to Submission TypeSchoology, assignments, create new, scroll down to add pear deck
  6. Next to Submission Type, open the drop-down menu and select External Tool. Then click Find to search for Pear Deck:Schoology assignment, submission type, external tool, pear deck, arrows, zoomed
    The Canvas Administrator must first install Pear Deck in order for it to appear in this list. After it is installed, you will see it in the list of External Tools that appears when you click on the Find button. 
  7. In the list of External Tools, click on Pear Deck and then click on SelectSchoology, configure external tool, pear deck highlighted
  8. The Pear Deck URL appears in the External URL field of the Submission Type section.
  9. When you are done customizing your assignment, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click the Save and Publish button.
  10. Click Select a file from Drive. The first time you present a Pear Deck file in Canvas, you will be required to log into Pear Deck. You may log into your Pear Deck Home in another tab to assure that this works:Schoology assignment, select a file from drive
  11. The file picker screen opens. Select the Pear Deck for Google Slides or PowerPoint Online Slides presentation you want students to complete. Schoology, file chooser, blurred
  12. Choose your Lesson Mode. One of the Presenter Views (Projector or Dashboard) opens for you in Canvas, depending on the Lesson Mode you choose:
    1. Student-Paced Mode (asynchronous; recommended for this integration): For the teacher, the private Dashboard View opens so you can see students' names next to their responses in real time. When students open this assignment, they get simple navigation controls on their Student View, allowing them to scroll through the slides in your presentation Session and respond to the interactive questions. This mode also allows students to click the Submit Work button at the end of the assignment to officially close it.
    2. Instructor-Paced Mode (synchronous): The Projector View opens and responses are anonymous by default on this View. The Student View of the slides syncs up to your slide on the Projector View, so you will need to click through the slides so students can see them and respond to interactive questions.
  13. In either view, you can use the Navigation Bar controls to scroll through the slides, show responses, open the More Actions (3-dots) menu to change the Lesson Mode, open the Dashboard in a new window, and more. Schoology, assignment, student-paced, more actions, open dashboard

Have students complete your assignment

Here's what students do:

  1. Open Canvas.
  2. Go to Courses.
  3. Select the Assignment the teacher created.
  4. Scroll through the slides and respond to interactive questions. No matter what the Session Mode is, your responses are saved as always in the teacher's Pear Deck Home Sessions.
  5. If the Session is in Student-Paced Mode, you can select Submit Work to turn in and close your assignment on the final slide. 
    • Please note that the Submit Work button doesn't display in the Canvas Student View preview on the teacher's screen... Canvas, student view button, arrow, cropped
    • ...but it does display on the final slide of the actual Student's View: Canvas, student view, submit work button
    • After selecting Submit Work, you get confirmation that your work has been submitted. Screen Shot 2021-03-01 at 10.32.41 AM

Grade your assignment

In Canvas, you can manually assign points in the Gradebook, see the status of assignments for individual students, and open the Pear Deck Teacher Dashboard to view and evaluate individual responses. ⚠️👉Please note that Pear Deck is not integrated with Canvas SpeedGrader at this time.

In Canvas:

  1. Go to Courses and select your course.
  2. In Course Options, select Grades. Use the Canvas tools to customize your grading options.
  3. Go back to the Courses page, and click on the Assignment to open the Teacher Dashboard. Click through the slides in the Dashboard to see the individual responses with their names (if the Projector View is open, click on the 3-dots menu to open the Dashboard in a new tab so you can see the names).
    1. You can toggle back to the Grades page to adjust point values. 
    2. In the Dashboard, you can leave comments for individual students with Pear Deck Teacher Feedback.

    In Pear Deck:

    • Open the Teacher Dashboard and click on a slide to view all of the responses you've collected on it. You can open this Dashboard View within your Pear Deck Assignment in Canvas!
      Dashboard, text, leave feedback
    • Export responses to a Spreadsheet (when you log into Pear Deck with Google)

    • Publish Takeaways™ (when you log into Pear Deck Google). Please note that when you publish Takeaways from Canvas, they are not automatically shared to your students! Here's how you can share these Takeaways with your students:

      • Open your Google Drive > Pear Deck > Takeaways folder. Open the Deck folder: Drive, pear deck, takeaways, select folder

      • Open the Session folder to find all of the Takeaways you published for the Session.
      • Open a Takeaway Doc to see who it belongs to. Then select Share to share it in Drive with the student. If you want to extend the lesson, give your student editing permission (select Editor next to their email address) so they can continue typing on the Doc!Drive, share a takeaway doc, arrows

      • When the student's name (Ian Ramírez above) and email address appears, the Doc has been shared with the student. The student can find it in their Google Drive in the Shared with me section.

    For questions, please email!

    Article by Erin M.