Create a Web Slide

You can embed a website into a Pear Deck slide. When you present a Session, students will be able to interact with the website without ever leaving your Pear Deck presentation.  



  1. Open the Pear Deck Editor. You can do that by logging into Pear Deck and clicking "Create a New Deck"
  2. Create a Web Slide. Click the "Add Slide" menu and select "Show Students a Website"

  3. Enter a URL. On the right side of the screen you will see the "Student Preview" column. This is where you can configure and preview what students will see on their devices. In this case, you need to add the URL you want them to go to.*
  4. Add Instructions. You may want to add instructions to the main slide
  5. Start Presenting. When you have all of your slides ready, click the Green "Start Presenting" button at upper right.
  6. Let Students Explore. Students can navigate through the website you embedded from within the presentation. In this example they are looking through images of Machu Picchu on Wikipedia. When you move on, their screens progress automatically.
  7. Students can see instructions on the Projector:

    Students can see instructions and explore the website on their own screens:

  8. Ask a Follow-Up Question - Ask students about what they discovered.  You can do this by creating your question slide ahead of time in the editor, or you can drop in a Quick Question on the fly.

    For example, I might ask a Quick Question and have my students respond with text. Then I ask out loud, "What would be challenging about building a civilization in this environment?" or "Why do you think the Inca would choose this as the site for a major city?"
    Choose Quick Question template:

     Students can respond on their screens:

  9. Celebrate! - You've just used a Web Slide!!!

    * Note - We will only embed secure sites (sites that have https:// at the head of the URL).  If you would like students to view a non-secure site, you can still put the link in and students can click on it to load it in a separate window. It's still an easy way to get students to the right website. The downside is they will need to click back to the Pear Deck tab when you are ready to move on.

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