Great Sites to Embed in Pear Deck

Here's a quick list of awesome websites you can embed into a Pear Deck Website Slide. This is just a start to what you can find! Click here to learn how to embed websites into a Website Slide.

You can use...

  • Kahoot to embed a fun review game.
  • Google Docs, for example, to let students collaborate on a Doc. If you have a lot of text that students need to look at up close, try pasting a shared Doc into your Website Slide.
  • Google Forms to give students a self-paced quiz or survey.
  • Google Maps to embed your saved Google Map.
  • Sutori to create and share visual stories collaboratively.
  • TED to watch a TED talk or embed a TED article.
  • Blendspace. Embed your Blendspace lesson to give students a self-paced component of your lesson.
  • National Geographic Mapmaker to let students create cool maps layered with scientific data.
  • Duolingo to embed a language lesson into your Pear Deck.
  • EDpuzzle to make videos clips and create questions at particular points in a video. Make sure to get your video's embed link. Then, embed it into a Pear Deck Website Slide so students can watch on their own screens. You can even turn on Student-Paced Mode to let students respond to questions or share thoughts on another slide.