Ask a Question with a New Prompt


Click the New Prompt button to add a new interactive slide on the fly. The New Prompt lets you add an interactive slide to your Session that was not originally part of your presentation.

Peary_Normal (Forward)The New Prompt is perfect to use when you want students to re-answer a question and develop their thoughts. It's also handy when you've already started a presentation and a great question comes up during the discussion, or you want to spontaneously check in with your class. If you haven't started a presentation, but want to ask an interactive question, try Pear Pop!

How to ask a question with a new prompt 

  1. Start your lesson and choose Instructor Paced Mode.
  2. Invite students to join the presentation with the Join Code or Join Link.
  3. Hover over the bottom of the slide to open the Navigation bar.
  4. Click New Prompt.
  5. Now you can add a new slide to the Session (please note that New Prompt slide templates cannot be edited at this time). Scroll right to see all of the options.
    1. Select a pre-made prompt to ask a new question. Pear Pop, choose a prompt, I-1Pear Pop, choose a prompt, II-1
    2. Use the current slide to ask the same question. You can choose a different interactive response type.New prompt, use current content, zoomed
  6. Students get to answer the new prompt on their Student View. Here is an example of the current slide content with a Drawing response. Students draw over the slide on their screens.
    Screen Shot 2020-03-02 at 10.39.27 AM
  7. You can show responses to the class on the Projector View. Whether you show responses or not, all of responses are automatically saved in the Session, just as they are saved on other Pear Deck slides.

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