How to Preview and Edit the Student View

Do you ever feel uncertain about what your students are seeing on their screens? BE NOT UNSURE! When you create your Pear Deck file, you can always preview the response option at the bottom of the slide.

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Student Preview Overview

When you present your Slides file with the Pear Deck Add-on, students will see:

1. Everything on the main body of the slide, and
2. The interactive response option if you have added one. If you have, it will be in the Pear Deck bar at the bottom of the slide.

To begin, here is a normal, non-interactive slide that I created with the Google Slides editing tools. When I present with Pear Deck, students will see the main body of the slide (this map) on their view:

Here is a Pear Deck interactive slide. The Pear Deck bar at the bottom of the slide shows that it's interactive. This bar also shows you which type of interactive question (Text, Multiple Choice, Number, Website, Drawing, or Draggable) students will see. This is a Draggable slide. When I present with Pear Deck, students will be able join my Session and, when we reach this slide, drag the three flag icons over this map on their screens.

Here's what this looks like on the Student View during a live presentation Session:

Want a closer look?

Try it out before class! There is no limit to the number of Sessions you can present with Pear Deck. You can log in as a student to see what they'll see. When you're ready, click Present with Pear Deck

This will open a new Session. Go to in a new tab and join your own Session. You can even turn on Student-Paced mode on the Projector View to navigate through all of the slides independently on the Student View. This is particularly helpful when reviewing pre-made decks like those that are part of the Be Internet Awesome Curriculum

How to Edit What Students See on Their Screens

On a normal, non-interactive slide, students will see the same thing on their screen that they see on the Projector. 

To add a Pear Deck interactive response option, open the Pear Deck for Google Slides Add-on menu. Go to the Ask Students a Question section, then click on the response type you want. Depending on the response type, you'll be prompted to customize your options, like I did with this Draggable slide:

Learn about The 5 Interactive Question Types in Google Slides.

Want to change the question type?

With your slide open, go back to Ask Students a Question and click on a different question type. Or, click on the same question type again to modify the students' options, like the Draggable shapes or the multiple choice responses.

While you are presenting...

While you are presenting your lesson, it isn't possible to edit the slide (you can insert a new question). But you can get a quick preview of slides from the Student View. Only the main slide content will be showing on the Projector View. To remind yourself what students are seeing, click on the Slide Navigator to open the slide drawer. The slide thumbnails show you exactly how the slide appears on the Student View. 

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