Use the Projector View and Teacher Dashboard at the Same Time

You can open the Teacher Dashboard on your own computer or tablet privately so participants can't see it!


The basic way to use Pear Deck is to hook your computer to a Projector, just like when you use PowerPoint. The slides show up on the big screen (Projector View), and you can flip through them.  When students join your Pear Deck presentation from their devices, they can see the same slide content on their own devices (Participant View).

You can also open the Teacher Dashboard (or Session Dashboard) on a separate device allowing you to see each students individual answers and control the slides from anywhere in the room.

It's all a matter of how you have your devices arranged.

I have my computer connected to a projector - that's all

Great - the key here is mirroring.  You will want to make sure you have display mirroring turned off.

What the heck do you mean?

Normally when you hook a computer to a projector, the projector displays exactly what's on your computer screen (it mirrors your screen).  


You can make the projector display a different window than the one you are looking at on your computer.


On a Chromebook

You'll want to find "Manage Displays" and extend your desktop. There are also keyboard shortcuts to speed this up.  This  Google help article will guide you.

On a Mac

You'll want to open "System Preferences" and then click on "Displays."  Under the "Arrangement" tab, there is a little check box that says "Mirror Displays."  Un-check that box.

On a PC

You'll want to find your "Display Settings" and choose "Extended Desktop."   This Microsoft help article will guide you.

Now What?

Once you have the mirroring turned off, your desktop just expands across both the projector and your computer.  So you can drag a window from one screen to the other.  

  1. Start presenting your Pear Deck
  2. In the view chooser, open the Projector View.  If it's not already there, drag it from your screen to the projector screen.
  3. Open another browser window on your computer screen
  4. Type
  5. The Session Dashboard will open and students won't be able to see it!

I have a computer connected to a projector AND a separate tablet

Perfect!  This will be easy:

  1. Start presenting your Pear Deck on the computer connected to the projector
  2. In the view chooser, click on the Projector View
  3. Next, open a browser window on your tablet and make sure you are logged into the same gmail account
  4. Type
  5. The Session Dashboard of your most recently launched Pear Deck, will show up.  You can control the slides from anywhere in the room.

I have a chromecast

What?! Really?! This will be total cake then!

  1. Start presenting your Pear Deck
  2. In the view chooser, right click the link for the Session Dashboard and choose "Open in a separate tab." A new tab will open next to the one you are looking at.  
  3. Still on the View Chooser, click on the Projector View to open that up.
  4. Chromecast the Projector View to your big screen for all students to see.
  5. Click on the Session Dashboard tab to see individual student responses and control the projector privately from your own screen.

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