Your Account Settings


Update your account settings to help control how you interact with your students in each Pear Deck Session. You won't need to update these often, because your settings apply to every Session until you change them.

How to open Settings

  • Go to your Pear Deck Home page.
  • Click the downward arrow next to your name and icon in the upper right corner of the screen.
  • Click My Account.
  • On the My Account page, click Settings.

What you can enable in Settings

The Settings that are available to you depend on whether you sign in with Microsoft Office 365 or Google, and whether you have a Free or Premium account. Keep reading to learn more about each setting.

Settings menu, numbered

  1. Classroom Climate
    Get an extra layer of insight into how students are doing and how well they learned the lesson. Classroom Climate allows students to reflect on their mood at the very beginning of the lesson, and/or give a thumbs-up or down (feedback) at the end of the lesson. This setting is available to all types of users.
  2. Immersive Reader (Beta)
    Immersive Reader is a service developed by Microsoft that encourages reading and improves comprehension with a full set of proven literacy-enhancing features. Students can activate multi-sensory, multilingual learning techniques, like having text read aloud or translated into different languages, highlighting specific lines, changing fonts and sizes, and visualizing word meanings through illustrations. Both Google and Microsoft Office 365 users can enable Immersive Reader, but it is only available to those who have Premium access at this time.
  3. Google Classroom
    If you have Google Classroom, you can make it even easier for students to join your Session with Google Classroom Integration. This is available to users who have Premium access, as the integration works through the Teacher Dashboard roster and Takeaways.
  4. Takeaways™
    When you end your Session, you can publish a personalized review Doc for each student. Each Takeaway contains every slide from your Session and the student's responses. These Docs are automatically published to Google Drive and can be shared just like any other Drive file. Students get access to their own Takeaway only. This setting is available to Google users who have Premium access.
  5. Student Email Login
    1. Participants can join your Sessions with a email account or anonymously. See the full article here.
    2. This setting only applies to Pear Deck Slides, and not Flashcard Factory Sessions, which automatically require a Google email login. 
    3. Require email login when you want to see exactly who joins your slides Sessions and know who submits each response. Choose ON and select the email account type (Google or Microsoft Office 365) you want participants to use. Settings, require email on, google, red arrows
    4. Let participants join anonymously when you want them to submit responses, but never see any of their identifying information. Click OFF. When they join your Sessions, they will be assigned an avatar and a nickname. Please note that if you turn off the requirement and make login anonymous, you will not be able to retrieve students' names from future Sessions you present. This is also true if you make login anonymous in your Pear Deck Sidebar in Google Slides or PowerPoint Online. To assure that you see names in future Sessions, turn this Setting ON again. 

If you have questions about your settings, please be sure to email!