Your Account Settings


There are a few account-wide settings that you can update from within your account to control how your interact with students during every Session. You won't need to update these often, as all settings hold until you change them.

How to open the Settings menu

  • Go to your Pear Deck Home page.
  • Click the downward arrow next to your name and icon in the upper right corner of the screen.
  • Click My Account.
  • On the My Account page, click Settings.

What you can enable in your Settings

Google Classroom

Make joining your session even easier for students by enabling this integration. Learn more about this integration here.

Classroom Climate

Get an extra layer of insight into how students are learning. Turning this feature on allows students to reflect on their mood Pre-lesson. Post-lesson, students can reflect on how they thought the lesson went. Learn more about Classroom Climate here.


After class, publish a personalized review document for each student that contains every Pear Deck slide and that student's response. Please note that Takeaways™ are a Premium feature for Google Slides presentations only. Learn more about Takeaways here.

Require Student Logins

You can require participants to join your Sessions with a email account, or let them join anonymously with either Google or Microsoft Office 365 accounts. To require email login, choose ON and select the email account type you want them to use. To let them join anonymously, click OFF and they will be assigned an avatar and a nickname.

Please note that if you turn off the requirement for student logins (making login anonymous), you will not be able to retrieve students' names from this and following Sessions. To assure that you see names in future Sessions, turn this Setting ON. Learn more about login settings.

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