Use the Timer and Automatically Lock Screens


To give you more control over the pacing of your lessons, Pear Deck provides a Lock Button and a Lock-Slide Timer. If you click the Lock Screens button once, student screens will lock and they won't be able to change their answers. If you hold down the Lock Screens button, you can start a timer. When the timer reaches zero, students' screens lock. Keep reading to learn how to make this happen!

How to Lock a Slide

1. Hover over the Navigation Bar. Click the Lock Screens button once. Voilà! The student screens are locked and they cannot change answers.

How to Set the Timer on a Slide

1. Hover over the Navigation Bar. Click - and this time hold down - the Lock Screens button. This engages the timer.

2. Set it for 30 seconds, one minute, or three minutes.

3. The timer will begin counting down. Here is an example from the student's screen. The student can clearly see that she has 30 seconds left to answer the question.

4. When the timer hits zero, student screens automatically lock so they can no longer respond.

5. If you want to give students more time, simply click the lock button again. Or, press and hold it again to reset the timer.