Use Pear Pop for Instant Engagement


With Pear Deck Pear Pop you won't need to prepare in advance to take advantage of our powerful assessment and engagement tools. Just select from an array of ready-to-use, interactive slide prompts, then launch the prompt during any type of lesson. Every student responds on their own screens, just like they do in a Slides Presentation or Flashcard Factory game. Responses are saved automatically for you to review later. Please note that Pear Pop is a Premium feature.

Pop Star Header V4-01Pear Pop is perfect for on-the-spot teaching moments. Here are a few examples:

  • You want to give a low-stakes pop quiz. This can be a significant retrieval tool.
  • You suddenly need an entrance ticket as students are arriving to class, or an exit ticket when they leave.
  • When a student asks an interesting question in class and you want everyone to contribute to the discussion. 

    How to use Pear Pop

    1. Open your Pear Deck Home.
    2. Go to the Pear Pop™ section.
    3. Click Choose a Prompt. Pear Pop, choose a prompt, cropped, arrow
    4. Select one of the pre-made, interactive slide prompts. You can see the prompt as well as the response type underneath it. Click the right arrow to see the second page of options.
      Pear Pop, choose a prompt, I
    5. A new Pear Deck Session begins. To log in, students go to and enter the Join Code. In this example, the code is ndprb. Alternatively, you can click Give Students a Link and paste the link somewhere that students can access it, like Google Classroom or Microsoft Teams. Just like they do before a Slides or Flashcard Factory Session, students may need to enter an email address, or enter anonymously. You determine this in your account settings.Pear Pop, projector, join instructions
    6. Students respond on their own screens. How they respond depends on the response type of the prompt you chose. In this example, students are leaving text responses on their screens.
      1. Student ViewPear Pop, student view, text response
      2. On your Projector View, you see the number of responses on the Navigation Bar on the bottom of the screenPear Pop, project view, with responses
    7. You can view responses in the following ways:
      1. Show them to the class on the Projector View by clicking the Show responses button. They are anonymous here by default.Text, list on projector
      2. Open the private Teacher Dashboard to see responses with students' names, during or after class.Text, map, list in dashboard + speaker notes
      3. Export responses to Takeaways™ or a Spreadsheet (with a Google account only) after class.

    If you have further questions, please write