Studying with Flashcard Factory Sets


As of December 05, 2019, there are two exciting new ways to review student-created Flashcard Factory Sets. Now you can Export your cards to Gimkit or Print them. The option to export sets to Quizlet has been removed. Please keep reading for an overview of these updates. 

Print Flashcards

When you ship cards in the Flashcard Factory, select Print to access your Flashcards as a printable page. Teachers can always go back to find approved Flashcard Sets in the Sessions tab on your Pear Deck Home. Choose the Session and go to the Shipping phase to print the cards for studying. You can also share a link to the printable page with students, post it to Google Classroom, or add it to the class newsletter for parents to print and study with students at home. Learn more here.

Export to Gimkit

Another option is to export your Flashcard Factory set to Gimkit. Gimkit is a game show for the classroom that requires knowledge, collaboration, and strategy to win. Students answer questions on their own device at their own pace. Students get exposure to the questions multiple times to ensure mastery, and they earn in-game cash by answering the questions correctly. Students can reinvest their money by purchasing upgrades & powerups. With over 2.5 million combinations, students can make purchases that suit their strengths. Teachers can use the Gimkit dashboard to view student progress and earnings and additional formative data. You will be able to export your Flashcard Factory Sets to Gimkit to review and play in class. With Gimkit, you can: 

  • Study cards individually or in teams
  • Customize game settings by defining the number of players per team, setting the game goal, and playing along with music and sound effects
  • Access basic reporting that showcases question breakdown of correct and incorrect answers

Teachers who are new to Gimkit need to create a free Gimkit account. But when you publish a Pear Deck Flashcard Factory set to Gimkit, it lives in the Pear Deck account, and you can always come back and play for free! However, if you copy a Flashcard Factory set to your own Gimkit Basic (free) account, the games will be subject to a 5-person limit. Learn about Gimkit subscriptions.

Export to Quizlet has ended

The option to Export to Quizlet ended December 05, 2019. This change was made as Quizlet ended support for image imports and now requires student logins to review and study flashcards. This change will only impact future exports. If you have exported Sets in the past, they will still be available in Quizlet! Here’s how to find them:

From Pear Deck

  1. Log into Pear Deck Home and navigate to Sessions.
  2. Find the Session in the Active or Archived tab (if it is more than 30 days old).
  3. Click the Projector icon to reopen the Session.Sessions, proector view icon, ff, red arrow-1
  4. In the Flashcard Factory, use the More Actions (3-dots) button to navigate to the Shipping Phase.
     FF, more actions menu
  5. In the Shipping Phase, click the button to publish your cards. This will open the link you published previously.
  6. Copy the Quizlet link. You will be able to import this link into your Quizlet account. (Please note: This will only work for Flashcard Factory sessions that were published and exported to Quizlet before December 5, 2019.)

From Quizlet

Find the Pear Deck Flashcard Factory account on Quizlet ( and search for your list by name. Copy it to your personal Quizlet account using the instructions here. After December 5, Teachers who want to bring their Vocabulary lists from Pear Deck to Quizlet can do so using the Export button in the Pear Deck Vocabulary List Editor. Then, paste the terms into Quizlet and use Quizlet's creation tools, including easy import.

If you need any help, please reach out to either Quizlet ( or Pear Deck ( and we'll be happy to help you navigate this transition as smoothly as possible!