How to Install Pear Deck in Schoology (Administrators)


This article is for those who have the Administrator role in Schoology and want to install the Pear Deck App for teachers. Once you install it, teachers can present Pear Deck Sessions, and students can join them, without leaving the Schoology environment. Keep reading to learn how to add Pear Deck to Schoology and make your integration run smoothly!

Peary_Normal (Forward)This integration is currently only available to those with Pear Deck school or district-level subscriptions. If you are covered by a school or district account, you may need to ask your Schoology System Administrator to install the Pear Deck app for you following the steps in this article. Once the Pear Deck app is successfully installed, it appears in the list of external tool providers in your course.


  1. As the Administrator of your Pear Deck district-level subscription, go to your Pear Deck My Account page and click on +Add an Integration.

    Screen Shot 2020-08-05 at 12.43.28 PM

  2. Select Schoology. Screen Shot 2020-08-05 at 12.44.36 PM
  3. The Key and Secret is generated for you. Screen Shot 2020-08-05 at 12.45.00 PM
  4. Open Schoology.

  5. Open the App Center.

  6. Click on Type > LTI App. Schoology, app center, type, LTI app, cropped with arrow-1

  7. Find Pear Deck.

  8. Open the Pear Deck detail page.
  9. Click Install LTI App.

  10. On the Consent screen, select I agree

  11. When prompted, select Add to Organization.
  12. The Organization Apps page opens. 
  13. Find Pear Deck in the list of apps. Select it and click Configure.
  14. The Configuration page opens. Paste the Key and Secret from your page into the Consumer Key and Shared Secret fields:
  15. Click Save settings.
  16. Go to the App Center > Organization Apps and find Pear Deck. Click on the blue Install/Remove button to install Pear Deck for the preferred users in your organization. Please note that both Teachers and Students require access to Pear Deck in order to make the integration work.Schoology, app center, organization apps, click to install pear deck

    If you have more limited access to Schoology you can still install the LTI integration. You will see an option to install LTI Apps either for all courses, or course admins only. You should choose “All Courses”

  17. Now, the users who have access to the Pear Deck App can present (as teachers) and join presentations (as students) within Schoology! Click here to learn what teachers can do.

For further support installing apps in Schoology, please see Schoology's App Center help page or email for questions!