Reviewing Answers after Class


With the Teacher Dashboard (a Premium feature) you can go back and review students' answers any time after the Session is closed. Session data, i.e. the student responses you collect during a Session, are automatically saved in Pear Deck. In this article, we'll answer the following questions:

  • What are the benefits of reviewing answers in Pear Deck?
  • How do I find and review answers after class?

What are the benefits of reviewing answers in Pear Deck?

You can easily get insight into whether individual students are engaging with and grasping the material. First, open the Dashboard. You can scroll through all of the answers, or try changing the response layout in the top left corner of the screen to see. By the way, you can also do this on the Projector View, where responses are anonymous by default. Learn about the Teacher Dashboard and the response layouts.

  • With the List Layout (default) you can review responses in depth, one slide at a time.
  • Choose the Grid Layout to get a quick sense of everyone's level of comprehension.
  • With the Overlaid Layout, you get a quick aggregate view of the answers all on one slide image, so you can see how well the class understood the material as a whole.

How do I find and review answers after class?

When class is over, you can leave the Session open and simply close the screen, or you can end the Session. Ending the Session closes your presentation so students can't make any changes. To end the Session, click the More Actions (three-dots) button or the END button.

When you're ready to review answers, just go to your Pear Deck Home and reopen the Session. You can open a Session from the Sessions list or from Recent Activity. Here's how:

Open from the Sessions menu

All Pear Deck Sessions are saved automatically, and you can find them all in your Sessions menu. You will see a list of every Session you've presented in the last 30 days. Click on the Archived tab (in grey) to find archived Sessions. Here's how to find the answers:

  1. Find your Session.
  2. Click on the Dashboard icon (with Premium) so you can see the responses with students' names.

You can also open the Projector View to review responses, but responses are anonymous on that View. If you want to open the Projector View, you'll first need to click on the More Actions button and reopen the Session. The status will change to Live and the Projector icon will become active. Students will be able to join the Session again and change their responses when you move to a slide.

Open from a Deck menu

  1. Go to your Pear Deck Home and scroll down to the Present a File section.
  2. Click on the presentation title. This opens a separate menu containing the Sessions you've run.
  3. Click on the More Actions button to reopen the Session. The status will change to Live.
  4. Click on the Projector or Dashboard icon.

5. Can't find your presentation on your Home Screen? No worries! Your Pear Deck Home Screen only shows your most recently opened files. Fortunately, all of your presentations are automatically saved in Google Drive or OneDrive, depending on what type of account you used to create them.

  • If you log in with a Microsoft Office 365 account, scroll through recent files or click Open OneDrive to search all files:
Msft, home, open files, red arrows
  • Similarly, if you log in with a Google account, you can scroll your most recent files or click Open Drive to access all of your files.

6. The file chooser window will open. Search for the name of your presentation.

7. In that window, double click on the file or select the file and click Open.

8. The presentation modal menu will open, giving you the option to open a past Session, Start Presenting a new session, or edit the file.