I Can't Present a file from a Google Shared Drive. What should I do?


This article is for Google users who want to present a file from a Google Shared Drive. You're likely here because you received a message stating that you cannot present a file from a shared drive. There are some restrictions on who can present directly from Shared Drives based on account status. But we can get you out of this jam no matter what type of account you have! Choose an option below:

Alternatively, if you're getting an error when you try to present your Pear Deck lesson, please email help@peardeck.com for assistance. You may also see the Technical Requirements to learn more about browser and cookies requirements to make Pear Deck work smoothly.

I am part of a School or District Premium Plan

If your school or district already has a Premium subscription, please ask your Pear Deck contact to enable Shared Drive access. Don't know who your contact is? Email help@peardeck.com and tell us the name of your school, and we'll take care of it! In the meantime, you can present the file from your own Drive account. Just be sure to share it to your own Drive first (see instructions in the next section).

I have my own Pear Deck subscription or basic (free) account

To present your file, move it from the Shared Drive to your own Drive. You will be able to present it from there.

1. Locate the file you want to present in the Shared Drive.

2. Select it.

3. Click Share in Drive. Or, open it in Google Slides and click Share

    1. In Drive:Drive, share button on menu
    2. In Google Slides:Slides editor, share button, cropped
    3. If you don't have permission to share the file, open it in Google Slides and make your own copy by selecting File > Make a copy. With your own copy open, click the Share button (see step b).

4. Enter your own Google email address into the people field and click Done.Gslides, share modal

5. Open your Google Drive

6. Click Shared with me.

Drive, shared with me, cropped

7. Locate the file and double-click to open it in Google Slides.

8. In Google Slides, open the Pear Deck for Google Slides Add-on

9. In the Pear Deck sidebar, click the Start Lesson button.

If your school or district does not have a Pear Deck Premium subscription, you can request a quote for one on the Pricing Page! If you have questions, please email help@peardeck.com.