Pear Deck Slides FAQ

Q: How do I get the Pear Deck for Google Slides Add-on?

A: Open a Google Slides file, go to the Add-ons menu and click Get Add-ons. Search for Pear Deck and install it. Learn more here. Google Slides Add-ons work on a computer, but not on a tablet or smartphone screen. You can still start a Pear Deck presentation on one of these devices from your Pear Deck Home. Once you get the Add-on, learn how to use it!

Q: How do I get the Pear Deck for PowerPoint Online Add-in?

A: Open your presentation in PowerPoint Online (Pear Deck is only available in the Online platform). Go to the PowerPoint ribbon and click Insert. Under the Insert, click Add-ins. In the Office Add-ins menu, click on Store and search for Pear Deck. Next to Pear Deck, click the red Add button.

Now, each time you want to open Pear Deck, go back to the ribbon and click on the Home tab. Click on the Pear Deck logo to open the Pear Deck sidebar, which you can use to access Slide Templates and create custom Interactive Slides. Learn more here.

Q: What's the difference between Premium and Free? How much does Premium cost?

A: With the Free plan, you can install the Pear Deck for Google Slides Add-on or the PowerPoint Online Add-in and build unlimited interactive presentations. You can use the pre-made Slide Templates and the Multiple Choice, Text, Number, and Website Custom Interactive Slides. There's no limit to the number of Sessions you can present. If you log into Pear Deck with a Google account, you can use Pear Deck Vocabulary for free, too!

With Pear Deck Premium, you get access to Custom Drawing and Draggable slides. You also get to use the super helpful Teacher Dashboard, which shows you students' names next to their responses during class and later for review. Google Slides Add-on users can publish individual Takeaways™ for student review and reflection. Google Classroom Integration features are available for Google account users, too.

With a School or District plan, teachers and students at Google schools get access to all of the Premium features, as well as the ability to present files directly from Team Drive, receive monthly efficacy reports, and more.

Check out the Pricing page to learn about pricing plans and upgrading.

Q: When I launch a Pear Deck Presentation from the Google Slides Add-on or the PowerPoint Online Add-in, will the program know if I’m a Pear Deck Premium user?

A: Yes. When you log into Pear Deck with your Google or Microsoft 365 account, Pear Deck will recognize you and know what kind of license you have. If you have Premium, you’ll have access to Premium features and be able to manage your Pear Deck settings at your Pear Deck Home.

Q: How do I save my presentations?

A: Pear Deck presentations are saved automatically as you edit them, so there's no need to manually save a file. Depending on which platform you use, files are stored automatically in Google Drive or OneDrive. They look like Google Slides or PowerPoint Online files, but worry not - the Pear Deck Interactive Slides and Slide Templates you added to your presentation will still be there when you open the file.

While Pear Deck files are actually stored in Google Drive or OneDrive, you can still access them on your Pear Deck Home under the Present a fFile section.

Q: Where are my students' responses saved?

A: Responses are saved automatically in Sessions which you can access from your Pear Deck Home page.

Q: Can I delete students' responses?

A: To err on the side of caution and avoid losing student work, we do not provide a way to delete students’ responses from within your account.

If you're worried about inappropriate or distracting responses, you can hide them from the Projector View from within the Teacher Dashboard (a Premium feature). Or, if you were hoping to remove a Session because you no longer need it, you can archive it on your Sessions page.

Q: How do I delete a Pear Deck Interactive Question from my slide?

A: Simply click on the bar with the Pear at the bottom of the slide and press delete. The slide will still be part of your presentation, but if you remove the Pear Deck bar, it is no longer interactive. Change your mind? Click Undo to replace the bar, or open the Pear Deck Add-on sidebar again to add a new Interactive Question. Please note that if you are using the Pear Deck Add-in for PowerPoint, you may need to delete multiple footers if you’ve changed the question type on a particular slide.

Q: How do I delete a Pear Deck?

A: Pear Deck files are stored automatically in Google Drive or OneDrive, depending on which platform you use to create them. To delete a file, open either Google Drive or OneDrive, locate the file, and move it to the trash (in Google Drive) or click delete.

Q: Can I share a Deck with my colleagues?

A: Yes! You can share a file via Google Drive or OneDrive. Click the links to learn about sharing in Google Drive or learn about sharing in OneDrive. Please note that Pear Deck Sessions (student responses) cannot be directly shared to another user.

Q: Can I share a Deck with my students?

A: Yes, you can share a Deck with your students through Google Drive or OneDrive - but this method is typically better for sharing a Deck with your colleagues for collaboration. If you want students to review your lesson, we suggest re-opening a Session in Student-Paced Mode. Students can then work through all of the questions in the presentation on their own time.

Another option that is currently available to Google users is to publish Takeaways™ (a Premium feature). When you publish Takeaways™, students get personalized Docs that are great for review and extending the lesson. You also get a blank responses copy that you can share with a student who missed class.