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Pear Deck Security Practices

Please see the official Privacy Page, Terms of Service and Privacy Policy for specific rights and responsibilities set out between Pear Deck and Pear Deck users. This document is a description of the data Pear Deck needs to operate, how Pear Deck stores that data, and the parties with whom it is shared. Please feel free to send any questions to privacy@peardeck.com!Pear Deck never asks for your password when you log in with a Google or Microsoft 365 account. Your password can never be seen by any Pear Deck staff member.

  • Pear Deck stores names and email addresses of teachers and students so that we can provide reports and visualizations to teachers. We use some 3rd-party services to store this information, and you can see their terms of service below. Pear Deck never displays student information to other students, or to anyone besides the student’s teacher. In fact, not even other teachers at the same school may see student responses for a given presentation. Only the teacher who gave a presentation and collected responses directly from students may see those student names or responses. Google or Microsoft manages and updates all personally identifiable information and Pear Deck will never ask teachers or students to enter that manually. Schools which have decided not to identify students by name in their email addresses, for example, will have that policy automatically enforced by Pear Deck. We will not ask students for their names, email addresses, or other personally-identifiable information (besides their responses to teacher questions during presentations). Pear Deck does not store student grades.Only the CTO of Pear Deck has the power to manually investigate any of this data, and he must ask permission of each teacher before looking at any data. He will only ask to look at data for the purposes of solving issues with the operation of the application.

  • Presentation Decks themselves are stored with three third parties, Google, Microsoft, and Firebase. Images from presentations are stored with Amazon Web Services. The decks themselves contain no student or teacher information collected by Pear Deck. While they are stored on Google Drive or OneDrive, no Pear Deck staff member has the power to view your presentation unless you manually share the file with us. After a teacher launches a presentation, only employees with special security authorization have the power to manually investigate, and they must ask permission of each teacher before looking at any data. We will only ask to look at data for the purposes of solving issues with the operation of the application.

  • Pear Deck tracks individual usage of different features to identify areas for improvement within the application. We may use 3rd party services like segment.io and Google to do this. We never share this tracking information with any users or other parties.

  • Here are links to Terms of Service for services that help store and analyze teacher and student data:
    • Google Apps for Education, including Google Drive: http://www.google.com/apps/intl/en/terms/education_terms.html
    • Firebase: https://www.firebase.com/terms/terms-of-service.html
    • Amazon Web Services: http://aws.amazon.com/agreement/
    • Google Analytics: http://www.google.com/analytics/terms/us.html
    • Totango: http://www3.totango.com/terms-of-service/
    • Microsoft: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/legal/intellectualproperty/copyright/default.aspx