How do I see Student Responses?


Pear Deck collects your students' responses in real time and saves them automatically in the Session where they were collected. You can show responses to your class on the Projector View, and view them in the private Teacher Dashboard (with Premium) in real time or after you end the Session. You can also publish responses after the lesson.

web-footer-peary-01Want to see students' names as you review responses? Make sure to require email login before you present - it's the only way to see identifying info.

Show responses anonymously on the Projector View

The Projector View displays all responses anonymously by default so students can focus on the concepts and not worry about being embarrassed to get the answer wrong. We recommend sharing this view with your class on a remote call or in a classroom so everyone can see what their peers think.

web-footer-peary-01Initially, when students begin responding to your interactive questions on their Student View, you just see your slide on the Projector View. This way students can respond on their own before getting distracted by what others are saying. Here's how to open the Projector View and show all responses:

  1. Start a new Pear Deck Lesson, or reopen a previous one from your Sessions menu.
    1. If you start a new lesson, choose Instructor Paced automatically open the Projector View.
    2. If you reopen a Session, click the Projector icon.
  2. Hover over the bottom of the slide. The Navigation bar appears.
  3. Click the Show Responses button. That's it! Projector, don quijote slide, show responses, blue arrow
    On the Projector: Here's how the answers look on a Multiple Choice slide. Screen Shot 2020-05-29 at 11.58.23 AM
    The above display is Overlaid, but you can change the response layout by selecting an option in the top left corner of the screen. Different interactive questions have different display options. Learn about the different interactive question types. Layout options, highlighted, projector-1

See students' names with their responses in the Teacher Dashboard

To see names next to their responses during or after class, open the private Teacher Dashboard (a Premium feature). You can open it in a new window from the Projector View, or in a new tab from the Sessions menu.

  • Open from the Projector View.
    This opens the Dashboard in a new window so you can keep it private when presenting a live Session to students.
    1. On the Projector View, click on the More Actions (3-dots) button.
    2. Click Open Dashboard in New Window. You can also open it on a new device by going to on that device.Screen Shot 2020-05-29 at 2.37.57 PM
    3. The Dashboard opens in a new window (click here to learn more about managing the Dashboard from a separate screen or device).
  • Open from a Sessions menu.
    Do this to review answers after class or during a Student Paced Session.
    1. Go to your Sessions page.
    2. Find the Session.
    3. Click on the Dashboard View icon. Sessions menu, projector and dashboard views (3)
  • In the Dashboard. On a Multiple Choice slide, for example, you can hover over a bar to see which students selected that option. Multiple choice, lit passage, overlaid with names, dashboardChange the layout to Grid View.... Multiple choice lit pasasge grid in dashboard, red circle layout options (2)... and you can see each student's name next to the answer they submitted. Multiple choice, dashboard, grid layout

Wondering what all of these buttons do? Learn more in the Teacher Dashboard article.

Review responses later

The responses you collect are automatically saved in your Sessions menu. To review later, find the Session and open the Projector (for anonymous responses) or Dashboard (for named responses) again. The status can be Closed, which means that students can no longer join. If the status is Live or in Student-Paced Mode, students can still join and respond to questions. Change the status by opening one of the views or by clicking the More Actions button.Sessions menu, projector and dashboard views (3)

Publish responses after the lesson

When you log into Pear Deck with Google, you can publish responses at the end of the lesson. Make sure you're done collecting responses, as you can only publish them once per Session! Please note: You can see students' names on these documents only if you require email login before they join the Session.

  • Extend the lesson with Takeaways™ (a Premium feature). A Takeaway is an individualized Google Doc that contains images of your slides and the student's responses, along with space for notes. Takeaways are automatically published to your Google Drive, and students get access to their own Takeaway only.
  • Automatically grade text-based responses with the Google spreadsheet export. The spreadsheet includes Text, Multiple Choice, and Number responses, along with the students' names and email addresses.

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