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Why does Pear Deck need access to my files? What permissions does Pear Deck require?


When you create a Pear Deck teacher account, we request access to certain files and identifying information in your Google Drive or Microsoft Office 365 OneDrive. This information is what allows us to add interactivity to your Slides and launch your presentations with Pear Deck. Keep reading to learn more about these permissions.

Peary_Normal (Forward)Students do not need to create a Pear Deck account, nor grant Pear Deck access to their Drive or OneDrive, when they join (participate in) their teachers' presentation Sessions. However, if students want to create and present their own Pear Deck Slides presentations, they do need to create a teacher account and grant Pear Deck access to their Drive or OneDrive files in the process of creating that account.

The Permissions that Pear Deck Requests:

Google Drive

Pear deck and google drive permissions with annotations

Microsoft Office 365 OneDrive

  • Sign in and read user profile / Sign users in / View users’ basic profile
    • We use these permissions to identify you when you log into your Pear Deck account in PowerPoint Online and at the Pear Deck Home page. We use your profile information to display your name in your profile settings. We use your email address to determine from our records whether you have Premium status and to communicate product updates to you.
  • Read all files that user can access
    • We use this to let you interactively present files and presentations from your OneDrive with Pear Deck. This also allows you to launch your presentations from Pear Deck Home.
  • Have full access to user files / Have full access to all files user can access
    • We use this to you create new Pear Deck presentations on OneDrive. We need write access to create and update PowerPoint files, for example, when you click Create Presentation on the Pear Deck Home page, and when you insert new interactive questions into your PowerPoint Online presentations.

Pear Deck Commitment to Privacy

We are committed to the highest standards of protection for student data and personally identifiable information at all times. Please see the Pear Deck Privacy page for more information and access to the full Privacy Policy. If you have further questions, please email privacy@peardeck.com!