Use the Shared Teacher Dashboard for Co-Teaching


With the Shared Teacher Dashboard, you can invite co-teachers and certified staff members to your Pear Deck Sessions, giving them full access to your presentation and your students' responses, in real time or after class. It's the perfect way to use Pear Deck in a co-teaching or collaborative team teaching environment. Please note that the Shared Teacher Dashboard is a Premium feature.

Manage your Shared Dashboard (for the Host)

Invite a co-teacher

Peary_Normal (Forward)When you invite co-teachers to your Session, you can control the pace of the lesson as always. In Instructor Paced (Live) Mode, the presentation slides are synchronized, so if a co-teacher advances the slide on the screen, the slides of all co-teachers and students connected to the lesson will advance as well. In Student-Paced Mode, everyone's screens are asynchronous, so if one teacher advances the slide, it does not change anyone else's screen. Learn more about presentation modes.

  1. Start a new Session, or open a previous one from your Sessions menu.
  2. Open the Teacher Dashboard.
  3. Get the Co-teacher invitation link. You can find it in one of two ways:
    • Go to the Navigation Bar and select the 3-dots button.  Then select Invite Co-Teacher.
      Dashboard, navigation bar, invite co-teacher, zoomed
    • OR select the Class Roster button. Dashboard, class roster button, red arrow
      • In the roster, select the Teachers tab, then select Invite Co-teacher. Dashboard, classroom roster, invite co-teacher, red arrows
    • The invitation window opens and you see the Shared Dashboard Link. Select Copy. The link is copied to your clipboard, and you can paste and send it (for example, in an email, LMS, a chat messaging service, etc.) to the colleagues that you want to join your Session. Screen Shot 2020-11-30 at 6.27.25 PM

  4. When another teacher joins your Session, you see their account avatar in the top right corner of the Dashboard. Hover over the avatar to see their name. Open the Class Roster to see the full list of Teachers who have joined your Session. You're ready to go! Dashboard, co-teacher logos


Block a co-teacher
Only users who have the Invite Link can join your Session Dashboard. You can block anyone who has previously joined in order to revoke their access.

Peary_Normal (Forward)When you block someone, we generate a new Invite Link so that the blocked teacher cannot select a different email account and use the old link to re-enter. Blocking a teacher doesn't affect other co-teachers' access to your Dashboard while they're in the Session. But if your co-teachers need to re-enter the Session later, you'll need to share the newly-generated Invite link with them (Step 3 above).

    • Click on the Class Roster again and go to the Teachers tab.
    • Click on the 3-dots button by the teacher's name and select Block from SessionCo-teacher, classroom roster, block teacher from session
    • Click Yes, block co-teacher to confirm your choice, or click Cancel to exit. Screen Shot 2020-11-30 at 7.07.33 PM
    • If you change your mind after blocking a teacher, you can go back to the Class Roster, click on the Teachers tab, and click on the same 3-dots button to unblock the teacher from your Session. Make sure to share the new Invite Link with them (see Step 3 above).

      Join a Shared Teacher Dashboard

      1. Select the link you received from the host teacher.
      2. Here's what to expect when you select the co-teacher link, depending on your subscription status. Please note that you'll need Pear Deck Premium access to join a shared Session:
        • If you are already signed into Pear Deck and have a Premium account, you see the co-teacher confirmation screen right away: Co-teacher join, youre a co-teacher-1
        • If you aren't signed into Pear Deck, but you do have a Premium account, you'll see this screen. Choose your account type. You'll then be able to log in and enter the Session: Co-teacher join, account picker
        • If you are new to Pear Deck, you'll be prompted to choose your account type, then quickly create your Pear Deck account and get instant access to your free 30-day trial of Pear Deck Premium. Learn more about Pear deck accounts.
        • If you currently have a Free account (i.e. no Premium trial or subscription), you won't be able to access the Shared Teacher Dashboard.
      3. On the confirmation screen (under step 2) select Let's Go. Now you're in the host teacher's Dashboard! 


      Q. Do I need a Pear Deck Premium account to add co-teachers to my Shared Teacher Dashboard? What if I want to join another teacher's Shared Teacher Dashboard?

      A. Yes to both questions. Only users with Pear Deck Premium (whether on a subscription or a trial) can be co-teachers.

      When you try to access a Session via the shared link from another teacher, we verify that you have a Pear Deck Premium account. If it's your first time signing into Pear Deck, we ask for your email and school information to create an account for you, then immediately start you on a free trial of Premium. The trial lasts for 30 days, so you get access to shared Sessions (and other Premium features) for 30 days. Following that, you can upgrade your Pear Deck account to Premium or even get your school or district to purchase a license! Learn more about upgrading.


      Q. If I give the Shared Teacher Dashboard link to my co-teacher, can they do everything that I can do in the Teacher Dashboard?

      A. Co-teachers can access nearly all of the same controls in your Teacher Dashboard. The exception is that they cannot invite other teachers to - or block other teachers from - your Teacher Dashboard.

      Additionally, the Shared Teacher Dashboard works a little bit differently in Instructor-Paced and Student-Paced modes: In Instructor-Paced (Live) Mode, the Dashboard screens are in unison, so if a co-teacher advances a slide, the slides of everyone connected to the lesson (co-teachers and students) will advance in unison. In Student-Paced Mode, the separate teacher Dashboard screens are asynchronous, so if you advance the slide on your screen, it does not change anyone else's screen.


      Q. Can co-teachers edit my slides or change the prompts?

      A. No, giving a teacher access to the Shared Teacher Dashboard doesn't allow them to edit your slides. In fact, it's not possible to edit slides at all during a live Pear Deck Session! You can edit slides before presenting your Session. You can also allow your co-teachers to edit your slides before presenting too, but first you must give them edit access to your file in Google Slides or PowerPoint Online.


      Q. Do students see which teacher is leaving feedback for them?

      A. Yes, the teacher's account name will appear next to the feedback on the Student View.


      Q. So a co-teacher in my Teacher Dashboard can export responses (Google only) to a spreadsheet?

      A. Yes. The new sheet is automatically added to their Google Drive like always. 


      Q. Can co-teachers also publish Takeaways™ (Google only)?

      A. Yes. Co-teachers and host teachers can publish Takeaways. If two teachers publish them for the same Session, the students get two Takeaways for the Session. If one teacher publishes them, the other teachers do not automatically have access to the files, so they will need to be manually shared in Google Drive. Fortunately, Takeaways are always saved together in a new folder, so you can share the entire folder with the co-teacher, rather than individually sharing each student file.


      Q. Is there a limit to how many co-teachers can join my Session?

      A. There's technically no limit. But we recommend adding as few users as possible. Remember, your co-teachers have access to nearly all of the Dashboard controls, so including too many people could be potentially disruptive to your lesson!

      Q. How do I remove a co-teacher from my Teacher Dashboard and revoke their access entirely?

      A. If you need to remove a user from the Teacher Dashboard because, for example, the wrong person got a hold of your link, open the Class Roster, go to the Teachers tab, and block the individual from this Dashboard. Please refer to the Block a Co-Teacher section above for the precise steps. Blocking the user prevents them from accessing your Teacher Dashboard entirely, unless you decide to unblock them.

      If you have questions, please send an email to us at!

      Article contributors: Erin M., Cassie W.