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Restrict Student Join Access to Certain Domains


Looking for a way to keep students and teachers safer, and prevent strangers from joining Pear Deck Sessions and submitting inappropriate responses? If you are the designated administrator of a Pear Deck School or District subscription, you can now limit the email address domains that are allowed to join teachers' Pear Deck Sessions. Teachers just need to make sure they require email login from students in their Pear Deck settings. Keep reading to learn more.

Steps for the Administrator

Let's say you choose to restrict access to a domain such as "@peary.school.com." When you do, students can only join the teachers' Pear Deck Sessions with @peary.school.com domain email accounts, and they cannot use any other email account to join.

  1. Go to your Pear Deck Home.
  2. Open your login settings and click on My AccountHome, click on my account, arrows-2
  3. Click on the Administrator Settings tab.
  4. Click Turn on Limiting Session AccessHome, administrator settings, turn on limiting
  5. Click +Add Domains
  6. Carefully type in only the domain(s) that you want to allow students to use when joining teachers' Sessions. Make sure to include the @ symbol before the domain (for example, type @peary.school.com rather than peary.school.com) and separate multiple domains with a comma. 
  7. Click Yes, add these domains
  8. You can now see the updated list of allowed domains in your Administrator Settings (see step 5 above). That's it! Going forward, only the students who have an email address with a domain on your list can join the teachers' Sessions.

Reverse a domain restriction

  • To stop allowing access to a certain domain, simply delete it by clicking on the trash icon next to it. When prompted, click the yellow Yes, remove... button to remove the restriction.
  • To stop restricting domain access entirely, go to your Administrator Settings on your My Account page. Click Turn limiting session access off. Going forward, no email domain addresses will be restricted from joining teachers' Sessions.

Teachers, here's what to do!

Once the administrator of your Pear Deck subscription has followed the above steps to restrict domains, the restriction becomes active on all of the Sessions you present going forward. You can see which email domains are allowed on your Pear Deck Home Settings page: 
Home, settings (teacher), domains restricted
Here's how to proceed:

  1. Make sure to require student email login from students on your Settings page before presenting! Without email login, anyone can join your Session anonymously with an assigned avatar and nickname, as long as they have the Join Code or Link (this is true even if the Pear Deck administrator limited access to certain domains). Learn more here.
  2. Present your Session.
  3. Have students join with the Join Code at joinpd.com, or the Join Link, from your Projector or Dashboard View.
  4. After clicking on the link or entering the code, students will be prompted to join the Session with their Google or Microsoft Office 365 email account, depending on your own account settings. The email account they use will need to have a domain that has been added to the subscription administrator's allowed list (see Steps for the Administrator above). Please note the following:
    1. Pear Deck remembers each student's email login on their device. This allows the student to continue joining sessions with the same email address when they click on the link or enter the Join Code, with no need to enter account credentials again. If cookies are cleared on their browser, they will be prompted to sign in again with their email account.
    2. If a student tries to join your Session with an email address that is not approved, they will be blocked from entering and see this screen:


Q: I have my own/ individual Premium subscription. Can I restrict domain access to my Sessions?

A: Sorry, this feature is only available to School and District subscription holders at this time!


Q: What happens if I add no domains on the list in my Administrator settings?

A: If you add no domains to your list, then there are no restrictions and anyone can join the teachers' Sessions. In either case, teachers can still require email login before they present Sessions in order to see students' names next to their responses in the Teacher Dashboard, and open the Dashboard roster to see who has joined their Sessions and even block students from the Session.


Q: Is there a limit to the number of domains that can be approved/restricted?

A: Nope, there is no limit! The account administrator should make sure to type in all of the domains that need to be approved on their Administrator Settings page.


Q: What happens to the Sessions a teacher previously started, if the administrator suddenly restricts Sessions to specific domains?

A: The sessions that have been created before this setting was enabled will NOT be restricted to specific domain access. Previous Sessions cannot be updated with any new/updated restrictions from the administrator.


Q: I'm a teacher. What if the subscription manager restricted access to certain domains, but I want students to join using an email domain that has not been allowed?

A: If the subscription manager limited access to certain domains, and you sign into Pear Deck Home and Google Slides/ PowerPoint Online with your subscription email address, then students can only join your Sessions with an email domain on the subscription manager's list. All other email domains will be blocked from joining your Sessions. To work around this, you can turn off email login and make student join anonymous - the administrator's restrictions won't apply and anyone can join your Session with the Join Code or Link. Please note that login settings apply to all students who join your Sessions. If you do make student join anonymous, you will not have a way to see students' names in your Sessions!


Q: What happens if a participant using an approved domain still disrupts the session by inserting inappropriate content during the lesson?

A: We suggest opening the Teacher Dashboard to hide the students' responses from the Projector View. You can also open the roster in the Teacher Dashboard to block the student from the Session. Please note that Pear Deck cannot retrieve a deleted student response, so if you want to capture a response before it is deleted, please turn on Instructor Paced Mode and move to the next slide or lock the slide. Or, simply close the Session - you can always reopen it later.


Have more questions for us? Send an email at help@peardeck.com!


Article contributors: Erin M., Cassie W.