Reflect & Review 


Reflect & Review is a feature that lets you and your students review all responses when the Session is closed. It's similar to Takeaways™ and Spreadsheet Exports, the review Docs you can publish after the Session (for Google users). But Reflect & Review is distinctive in that it exists in the Pear Deck environment and opens automatically as soon as you end the Session. It’s a seamless flow from the in-class Session to the after-class review! Please note that this is a Premium feature.

Peary_Normal (Forward)Most teachers will want to turn on Email Login before presenting Sessions. It's the only way to see students' names in the Review and assure that students can access their Review permanently!


Open Teacher Reflect & Review and Get the link for your Students

You can access Reflect and Review as soon as you end the Session, or at a later time. When you end a Session, it is closed and automatically placed in Reflect & Review mode. Students can no longer enter the Session or change responses, but they can review their own responses and see your feedback when they click on the Student Reflect & Review link. However, if you do want students to continue responding to Interactive Questions or changing previous answers, you can re-open the Session in Instructor or Student-Paced Mode anytime and they can enter with the Join Code or Link. Learn more about Session statuses.

When you end the Session

🛠️06/01/21: If you have installed and enabled the Power-Up Chrome extension, you won't see the option to open Reflect & Review when you end the Session. Our team is working on a solution for this and we expect to release it soon. In the meantime, you can still open Reflect & Review from your Pear Deck Home Sessions menu. Click here to learn how!

  1. In the Projector or Dashboard View, go to the Navigation Bar and select END. Or, open the More Actions (3-dots) menu, and select End This Session.  Navigation bar, end button, circled-1
  2. Enter a name for your Session. Select Save & End Session. Ending session modal, with name, cropped
  3. Reflect & Review is ready for you!
    • Select Open Reflect and Review to enter and review your students' responses.
    • To share the link with your students, select Copy. Paste the link anywhere your students can access it, for example, in an email, Zoom chat, your LMS environment, etc. 
      Reflect & review modal
      If you have Google Classroom, select Share to Google Classroom, and choose how you want to share this link in Google Classroom. Just make sure you are logged into Pear Deck with the same Google account that is connected to your Google Classroom environment - that's how Pear Deck recognizes it.

At a later time

The Reflect & Review link is saved permanently just like your Pear Deck Sessions. You can always go back and find it later in your Sessions menu, the Deck Modal, or the closed Session Dashboard. Choose any of these options below to open the modal (as seen in Step 3 above ☝️) and open Reflect & Review again.

  • From your Sessions menu:
    • Open your Sessions.
    • Find the Session and make sure it is in Closed status. If it's still Live, select the More Actions (3-dots) button to close it.
    • Select the More Actions button.
    • Select Reflect and Review.
      Sessions, modal menu, reflect & review
      If your Session doesn't appear in the Active tab, that means it's archived. To find it, click on the Archived tab, select the Session's More Actions menu, and restore it. It will appear under the Active tab again so you can open Reflect and Review following the steps above. 
  • In the Deck Modal:
    • Go to your Pear Deck Home.
    • Scroll down to Present a File from Drive/ OneDrive.
    • Click on the title of the Deck (or File Name) to open the Deck Modal. 
    • Open the More Actions menu and select Reflect & Review.
      Reflect & review, from deck modal
  • In the Dashboard View:
    • Make sure the Dashboard is in Closed status, as seen on the Navigation Bar in the example below. If it's in Active/"Presenting" status, you can either select END or end it in the More Actions menu to put it in Closed status.
    • Open the More Actions menu.
    • Select Go to Reflect & Review. Dashboard, closed, go to Reflect & Review

Review Students' Responses

In Reflect & Review, you can review one student's responses at a time. Here's how:

  1. Follow the steps in the previous section to open the Reflect & Review modal. Select Open Reflect & ReviewReflect & review modal
  2. Select a student from the menu. Each student who joined the Session appears in the list. Reflect & review, student selected, cropped
  3. Scroll to see all of their answers. You see the slides on the left, and the corresponding responses on the right. Reflect & review, multiple slides

Give Students Feedback

You can send written feedback to a student on any Interactive Slide in both the Dashboard and the Reflect & Review screens. No matter how you send it, your feedback is automatically saved in your Sessions. Students can find their feedback in the Student View of a live Session, or in their Reflect & Review screen when the Session is closed.

Send Feedback from Reflect & Review

  1. On an Interactive Slide, select Leave Feedback. Reflect & review, text response slide, leave feedback circled
  2. Type in your reply, then select Send Feedback. Reflect & review, leave feedback
  3. Your student receives the feedback in both their Reflect & Review screen AND the Student View of your Session, if you reopen your Session for them later. You can close the feedback window now, as your feedback is saved. To open it again or add another comment, click on the Leave Feedback button again to view this feedback window: Reflct & review, feedback has been submitted

Send Feedback from the Dashboard

You can send feedback to a student from the Dashboard, whether the Session is Active or Closed. It's ideal to utilize the Dashboard when the Session is Active/"Presenting" and students are still working on the lesson, because students receive your feedback in real time in the Student View of an Active Session. But the feedback you give in the Dashboard also appears automatically in Reflect & Review for both you and your student, so this is a great way to provide feedback when the Session is Closed, as well. Learn about sending feedback from the Dashboard.

🎒🙌Students: Open Student Reflect & Review

Here’s what students do to enter Student Reflect & Review:

  1. Click on the Reflect & Review link from their teacher. 
    1. If the student is already logged in (i.e. their previous account credentials are still stored in the cache) this magic link recognizes the account and takes the student to their review screen. Easy!
    2. If the student is not logged in, they are prompted to sign in. They just need to use the email account they used originally to join the Session to access responses.
    3. If Pear Deck is automatically logging them in with the wrong account, the student needs to switch accounts to get into their Session. To do this, a student can either clear their browser cache, open an incognito window, or open a different browser, then click on the link again. They will then be prompted to enter the correct account information.
    4. If the presenter turned off Email Login, then students are anonymous in your Sessions and Student Reflect & Review, and they see their assigned avatar instead of their name. In order to review their responses, anonymous students must access the review via the same computer and they must not clear their cookies, otherwise, they will lose access to the review
  2. Select Review Work to see responses now, or Copy Link for review at a later time. Reflect and review, student, welcome screen
  3. In Student Reflect & Review, the slides are on the left, and the student's responses on the right. Scroll through to see all responses. Select the Feedback Button on the bottom right corner of the screen to open the Teacher Feedback panel. Reflect & review, student feedback from dashboard, red arrow


Q: Does Reflect & Review still work if I turned off Email Login and my students entered the Session anonymously?
Yes, but please note that anonymous students must access the review via the same computer and they must not clear their cookies, otherwise, they will lose access to the review! When students click on the Reflect and Review link, they see their assigned avatar along with their responses and feedback. As the teacher, you see their avatars in Reflect & Review - not their names. To assure that students have permanent access to their responses in Reflect & Review, and that you can see their names, turn on Email Login before you start presenting Sessions.


Q: Can students see their classmates' responses or feedback in Reflect & Review?
No, students see their own responses and feedback only! The recommended way to review responses as a group is to re-open the Session and share responses with the class on the Projector View.


Q: Why can't I see the option to open Reflect & Review anywhere?
That's likely because your Session is still Active/ "Presenting." The Session needs to be closed in order for Reflect & Review to open. You can end any Session from Navigation Bar on the Projector or Dashboard View, or in your Sessions menu with the More Actions menu.

However, please note that if you have installed and enabled the Power-Up Chrome extension, you won't see the option to open Reflect & Review (even when you end the Session) at this time. Our team is working on a solution for this and we expect to release it soon. In the meantime, you can still open Reflect & Review from your Pear Deck Home Sessions menu. Click here to learn how!


Q: This is great for reviewing one student's work at a time, but how do I review and compare everyone's responses at once?

In order to review all student's responses on the same screen, you can open the Dashboard View of the Session, whether it's Active/ "Presenting" or Closed. Just click on the slide to see everyone's responses along with their names (you'll only see names if Email Login was activated before presenting).

If you use a Google account to sign into Pear Deck, then you can also export responses to a spreadsheet, which displays the Text, Multiple Choice, and Number responses (not Drawing or Draggable), along with the students' names.


Q: Can students send feedback to their teacher?

Sorry, that's not possible. But when you reopen your Session, students can re-enter with the Join Link or Code and update their responses!


Q: Can my Co-Teacher(s) see my Reflect & Review?

Yes, the Co-Teachers you invite to your Sessions via the Shared Teacher Dashboard feature can see your Reflect & Review; however, you must invite them to your Dashboard while the Session is Active/"Presenting" in order for them to have access. Learn about the Shared Teacher Dashboard.


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Article Contributors: Erin M., Laura C., Cassie W.