Pear Deck + GoGuardian FAQs

On November 19, 2020 we announced that Pear Deck is teaming up with GoGuardian! Together, we can help educators do their best work and create environments where students can thrive.

Q: Why are Pear Deck and GoGuardian merging? 

Our two companies’ missions are incredibly well-aligned, and our products and teams are complementary. Additionally, we're both working to design education products that are inclusive, accessible, and promote equitable engagement in the classroom. As we develop a shared product roadmap, we will look to bring the magic of Pear Deck to GoGuardian Teacher product adding curriculum and instructional tools. Together, our teams have the expertise and resources to build next-generation technologies that will transform digital learning environments.

Q: Who is GoGuardian?

GoGuardian is a K-12 edtech company dedicated to maximizing the learning potential of every student through solutions that enable productive and safe digital learning. Its products help educators identify learning patterns, protect students from harmful and distracting content, and support mental health. They serve over 10,000 schools and 10 million students across the United States. To learn more, visit

Q. As a Pear Deck customer, how will this news benefit me?

You won’t notice any changes right away, but partnering with GoGuardian will let us dream bigger and start working on innovative solutions to some of your biggest teaching challenges. We’ll be listening closely to your feedback and suggestions and keeping you informed every step of the way. 

Q. We’re in the process of purchasing Pear Deck for our teachers. Will your prices change? 

Our partnership with GoGuardian will not impact pricing. Our team will honor all current quotes. For more information, please contact

Q. Will Pear Deck’s service quality or policies change? What if I use competitors to GoGuardian?

Everything about Pear Deck’s service and availability, policies, and terms of service will remain consistent, whether you use GoGuardian or another solution. Down the line, this strategic partnership will let us both dream bigger and start working together on innovative solutions to some of your biggest challenges. As our valued partner, we’ll be listening closely to your feedback and suggestions. 

Q: What is the timeline for integrating GoGuardian Teacher and Pear Deck? 

We are actively looking to develop a lightweight integration with GoGuardian Teacher. We're excited that this will be a simpler and more seamless experience for teachers using GoGuardian to create and share engaging and effective digital instruction with students. 

Q: If I am both a GoGuardian and Pear Deck client, where do I go for customer support? 

Today, you will continue to contact the GoGuardian Customer Success Team for GoGuardian product-related questions and the Pear Deck Customer Success Team for Pear Deck-related questions. It is our intent to maintain the highest level of customer support; as we work to integrate our teams we will keep you updated on any adjustments.