Pear Deck for Subscription Managers


If you are the subscription manager of a school or district-wide Pear Deck account, you play a key part in helping to set your teachers up for success with Pear Deck. We’re here to help! You have access to the Administrator Dashboard, where you can view usage information, restrict student Join access to certain domains, and more. Keep reading to learn how!

How Teachers get Premium Access

To set up your account, our team will request a list of teachers that you would like included in your subscription. Once we receive your list, we will send each teacher a welcome email. They’ll simply need to click Confirm Your Pear Deck Account and log in to Pear Deck with their existing Google or Microsoft Office 365 account--no need to remember a new password for Pear Deck! 

We’ll follow up with a few short, helpful emails to ensure your teachers are confident using Pear Deck in their classrooms. These emails help to ensure a smooth start and, in our experience, result in more of your teachers becoming regular Pear Deck users!

Install Pear Deck for Teachers

To make sure your teachers have seamless access to Pear Deck, please install the Pear Deck for Google Slides Add-on if your school uses Google, or the Pear Deck for PowerPoint Online Add-in if your school uses Microsoft Office 365. 

Google users can choose  to install the Pear Deck Power-Up as well. The Power-Up is an optional, free Google Chrome extension. Installing it ensures that the videos, animations, and GIFs on your Google Slides will play properly during an Instructor-Paced Pear Deck Session.

How to Log In as a Subscription Manager

Along with your teachers, you will receive a welcome email asking you to confirm your account. Simply use your existing Google or Microsoft Office 365 account to log in. Then, click the person icon in the upper-righthand corner of the page and select My Account to see your plan information and Administrator Dashboard.

The Administrator Dashboard

The Administrator Dashboard provides you with teacher and student usage data in the Engagements + Usage and Group Usage sections. You can also limit Session access to certain domains:

  • The Engagements + Usage  section allows you to see the year over year usage of Pear Deck in your district. The Total Presentations tab shows how many times your teachers have started a Pear Deck Session.

While the Student Usage tab shows the total number of students who have participated in a Pear Deck Session each year. 

  • To Limit Session Access to specific domains, navigate to the Administrator Settings tab and follow these instructions. This setting allows you to restrict the email address domains that are allowed to join teachers’ Pear Deck Sessions. 
  • For School-wide subscriptions, the Group Usage section is where you can view which teachers currently have Premium access, and even add or remove users from your subscription.

To add one user, click Add One Member, enter the email address that the teacher will use to log into Pear Deck with, and click Add

To add multiple users at once, click Bulk Add/Edit Members and include the email address of each teacher you’d like to add. 

When you add teachers using either method, their Premium access is automatically applied to their account and they will not receive a confirmation email. To remove a user, simply click the “X” beside their account. This will only remove their Premium access from your subscription, not delete their account entirely. Learn more about adding, removing, or transferring users on your school subscription here.

If you have a district account or domain-wide access, your user domain will be allowlisted, meaning you won’t need to add or remove users. Users who log in to Pear Deck with the domain you’ve asked us to allowlist will have immediate Premium access. 

Resources for Teachers 

Please welcome your teachers to Pear Deck with these resources!

  • Attend a live webinar. We offer a variety of webinars for new and experienced users that you may register for on our Training Page
  • Watch help videos about all Pear Deck topic and features 
  • Find all kinds of recorded webinars and help videos on the YouTube channel
  • Visit the Knowledge Base for questions and the Teaching Blog for suggestions

If you would like assistance , please reach out to We’re always happy to help!


Article contributors: Mallorie M., Annika P.