Handling Inappropriate Responses


In any classroom, there is a possibility of an inappropriate response derailing a well planned lesson. If you find yourself in this position during a Pear Deck presentation, don’t fret, we’ve got options to control it and maintain a safe classroom environment! 

Fortunately, all responses are saved automatically in Pear Deck and there are ways to see who left them, depending on whether you are using the Free or Premium plan. Please read on for guidance. 

Peary_Normal (Forward)Please note that once a response is deleted, there is no way to retrieve it! If you need to capture a response before it’s deleted, we recommend turning on Instructor Paced mode and moving to another slide so the answer can't be changed. You can also lock responses or end the Session to capture a response before it’s deleted. 

First and foremost, require Email Login!

In order to identify student names in any Pear Deck Session, you must require your students to log into Sessions with an email address. Email login is activated by default in Pear Deck. Please see the help article titled How Students Join a Session under the subheading of Let Students Join with an Email Address to learn more about this setting, or turn it it back on if you deactivated it.  

Options on the Free Plan

In the Flashcard Factory, hover over the card to see who created it:

You can do this during a live session, or when you reopen the session later from your Sessions Menu.

Export Responses to a Spreadsheet

With the Free plan, the only way to see which student left a response in a Slides presentation is to export responses to a spreadsheet. This allows you to see the text, multiple choice, and number responses next to each student's name. Here's how to export responses:

  1. Go to the Pear Deck App home page and click on the Deck title. Or, go directly to the Sessions Menu.
  2. Locate the Session.
  3. Click the more actions (3-dot) button.
  4. Click Export to spreadsheet (you will have to end the Session first if you haven't already). The spreadsheet is automatically published to a folder titled "Pear Deck" in your Google Drive.

Click the Lock Button on the Navigation bar

Locking the slides freezes the answers so students cannot change or erase them. You only need to click the button once, but you can also click and hold the button to set the lock-slide timer:

Options on the Premium Plan

Open the Teacher Dashboard

On the Premium plan, you can do everything listed above. But in addition to that, you can also open the private Teacher Dashboard. When you open The Teacher Dashboard, you can see who left a response, hide a response from the Projector View, and even block a student from participating in your session. 

Here’s how to block a student from participating in the session:

  1. Open the roster in the top right corner of the screen.
  2. Click the More Actions (3-dot) button by their name 
  3. Select Block from Session.

You can always go back to look at responses in the Dashboard after the session is closed. Just go back to your Sessions Menu to find the session and click the Dashboard icon next to it.

Restrict Student Join to Certain Domain Email Addresses (for School and District Administrators)

If you are part of a current School or District Premium subscription, the designated administrator (Subscription Manager) of your school/district account can restrict students' access to certain email domains only, as a way to prevent users from outside of your school domain from joining Sessions. Please see the Help article on Restricting Student Join Access to Certain Domains to learn more.

If you have questions that were not addressed above, or concerns about threats of violence or self harm, please write to us at help@peardeck.com and we will help you. 


Article contributors: Steve B. and Erin M.