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Communicating with Parents/Guardians about Pear Deck

We understand that your school/district wants to be transparent with its families about the use of online services such as Pear Deck in the classroom. Pear Deck wants to help support your school/district in transparently communicating about how our product improves their child’s digital learning environment, how our product works, and how our product treats student privacy. Because we believe that schools/districts are the experts at understanding their school communities’ policies, norms, relationships, and laws, these recommended template talking points should be customized by your schools/districts to align with their particular school/district community’s needs:

  • Pear Deck is an online tool that integrates with our school’s/district’s G Suite or Microsoft for Education

  • Pear Deck allows teachers to create interactive slides that help increase student engagement

  • When using Pear Deck, students’ personal information is only accessible by their teacher(s)

  • Any content teachers create is theirs to share, save, or delete from their G Suite or Microsoft OneDrive

  • When displaying students’ answers to the class, teachers can only display anonymous responses to protect the privacy of their students

  • Our school/district maintains control over all of our students’ personal information 

  • Pear Deck does not use students' personal information beyond delivering the intended service 

  • Students should understand that responses they provide through Pear Deck are subject to school policies and codes of conduct

  • Parents/Guardians can direct any questions about Pear Deck and their students’ privacy to the school/district Technology Staff or School Administration. If additional privacy questions arise, the school/district will work directly with Pear Deck to answer those questions.

Please visit the Pear Deck Privacy page to learn more about our commitment to privacy.