Create a Pear Deck Account


Welcome to Pear Deck! Creating a new Pear Deck account is easy. Simply log in with a Google or Microsoft Office 365 account, and you can start engaging all of your students with interactive presentations right away. The very first step is to create your new Pear Deck account. You can start from the Pear Deck website, Google Slides, or PowerPoint Online. Here's what you need to know to get started:

  • Account requirements for Pear Deck
  • Start from the Pear Deck website
  • Start from Google Slides
  • Start from PowerPoint Online

Account Requirements for Pear Deck

You'll need to have a Google or Microsoft Office 365 account. Pear Deck uses Google or Microsoft 365 to authenticate logins for both teachers and students. This means there's no additional password to remember for Pear Deck. Check out some of the other advantages to this integration:

  • All Pear Deck files are saved automatically in Google Drive or OneDrive.
  • Students sign in with their Microsoft Office 365 or Google accounts, so you can see exactly who joins your presentation Sessions, and in real time.
  • Users logging in with a Google account can automatically generate student notes documents called Takeaways™ in Google Docs, or export student responses to Google Spreadsheets.
  • Users logging in with Google can invite students to join their presentation Session through Google Classroom and post the link to their Takeaways to their Classroom feed.
  • Teachers logging in with a Microsoft Office 365 account can invite students to join their presentation Session through Microsoft Teams.

Pear Deck is perfect for schools that use Google Apps for Education or Microsoft 365 for Education! But students and teachers can also use personal accounts to log into Pear Deck. Please note that students must use the same account type you present with (Google or Microsoft Office 365) in order to join your Pear Deck Session.

Start from the Pear Deck website

1. Go to and click For Teachers.

2. Choose the type of account with which you want to log in.

Screen Shot 2019-06-28 at 1.29.16 PM

3. You'll be asked to grant Pear Deck access to your Google Drive or OneDrive. Then, answer a few account setup questions.*

  • Select your role.


  • Click Authorize to connect Pear Deck to your Google Drive or OneDrive. You'll be prompted to sign in with your email and password and you will be asked to grant Pear Deck permissions.


  • Enter your postal code and school.


  • You're all set! Click Get Started to start a new presentation with interactive questions. Your free 30-day trial of Pear Deck Premium will begin automatically!


Start from Google Slides

Users signing in with a Google account can also create a Pear Deck account from Google Slides. Here's how:

1. Open any Google Slides presentation.
2. Get the Pear Deck for Google Slides Add-on.

  • Click Add-ons > Get add-ons


  • Find Pear Deck. Click the Free button to install this Add-on.


  • Choose your Google account.

  • Because Pear Deck files are stored in your Google Drive, we ask for third-party app permissions to access your Google account. We only access the files you ask us to when you use the app. For example, when you want to make a Google Slides file interactive, we access that file so we can add the interactive questions to it. To learn more about our approach to data privacy, please see the Pear Deck Commitment to Privacy.

  • Now that you've installed the Pear Deck Add-on, you can go back and open it at any time from the same Add-ons menu.

3. Finally, answer the Pear Deck account setup questions. You'll be prompted to do this when you try to present with Pear Deck.

4. Once you finish answering the account setup questions, you can open Pear Deck from the Add-ons menu of any Google Slides presentation and create new interactive lessons.


Start from PowerPoint Online

If you use a Microsoft Office 365 account, then you can also create your Pear Deck account and get the PowerPoint Online Add-in by following these steps:

1. Open any PowerPoint Online presentation.

2. Click Insert > Add-ins. You may need to click on the three-dots or expand your browser window in order to see the Add-ins button.

Ppt, insert add-ins, red arrows

3. In the pop-up Office Add-ins menu, click on Pear Deck to install it for free from the Add-in store.

4. Go to the Home tab and click on Pear Deck. The Pear Deck Sidebar opens. Click Log In.

5. Fill out your account information and Authorize with Microsoft.

6. Going forward, each time you want to make a Pear Deck lesson, just go back to the Home tab and click on the Pear Deck Add-in to open the Pear Deck Sidebar.

Ppt, open add-in, red arrow, cropped-1


*We do not collect student data. Anyone who chooses the role of Student in the account setup process will either be directed to to join a presentation, or allowed to create their own presentation without answering any further identifying questions.