What is a Session? Can I Delete a Session?


A Pear Deck Session is the active presentation of a Deck or Vocabulary List that your students/participants must join in order to see your slides and respond to your Interactive Questions. The responses you collect from students are saved automatically within your Sessions. While you can delete a Slides Deck or Vocabulary List, it's not possible to delete a Session (this prevents us from accidentally losing students' work). But you can archive a Session to keep your Sessions page organized and manageable.

Peary_Normal (Forward)Learn how to present a new Session in How to Present a Pear Deck.

How to Archive a Session

Sessions are automatically archived after 30 days of inactivity. But you can manually archive a Session by following these steps:

  1. Open your Pear Deck Home Sessions menu.
  2. Locate the Session.
  3. Open the More Actions (three-dots) menu.
  4. Click Archive Session.
  5. The Session is moved to the Archived list. You can bring it back to the Active list by clicking Restore.

Pear Deck Sessions FAQs

Q: What does the Session Status mean?

A: There are three Session statuses: Live, Student-Paced, and Closed.

  • Live: The Session is active. What this means depends on whether the Session Type is Slides or Vocab.
    • When a Slides Session is Live, students can join with the Link or Code. But it is in Instructor-Paced mode, which means that the teacher must move through the Slides on the Projector or Dashboard View, and the Student View syncs up. This Mode is best for  when you and your students are together on a conference call or in a physical classroom.
    • Vocabulary Sessions (or Flashcard Factory Games) work a little differently. They stay in Live status and cannot be placed in Closed status, although you can archive them.
      • In order for students access to the Flashcard Factory Session, keep your Projector View of the Flashcard Factory Session open in a browser tab. When you close it, students lose access to the cards.
  • Student-Paced: The Session is in Student-Paced Mode, so anyone who joins it with the Link or Code can navigate through all of the slides and respond to questions on their device. The teacher doesn't need to have the Session open as long as the status remains in Student-Paced. This only applies to Slides Sessions.
    • Click here to learn how to make the Flashcard Factory student-paced at the beginning of the game.
  • Closed: No one can join a closed Session, even with the Join Link or Code.

Q: How do I change the Session status?

A: You can change the status of a Slides (not Vocabulary) Session starting from a Sessions menu.

  • Open the More Actions (three-dots) button to change the status immediately. If you want to turn on Student-Paced, the Session must be Live, so reopen it first if necessary. Sessions, turn on student-paced, zoomed
  • Open the Projector or Dashboard View by clicking on the corresponding button: Sessions, projector, dashboard, more actions buttons-1. Hover over the Navigation Bar and click on the More Actions button. Choose End this Session, Turn on Student-Paced, or Reopen Session (options depend on the current status). The status changes on the Navigation bar. Below, the green circle next to Presenting represents that this Session is in Live/ Instructor-Paced Mode: Screen Shot 2020-06-18 at 1.14.36 PM

Q: How do I name a Session?

A: Open the Projector or Dashboard View and click on the More Actions button. Click on Unnamed Session, or the current Session name ("Class 2", in the image above) to change it.

Q: How long can my students stay in a Session?

A: Sessions can stay active and students can join them for as long as you want. You can also change the status as often as you want. Sessions that have no new student responses for 30 days are automatically archived regardless of their status. To reopen an archived Session, open the Archived list on your Sessions page, find the Session, and click restore. The Session is moved back to the Active list and students can join again.

Q: Can my students join an archived Session?

A: Yes. If a student joins an archived Session, it is automatically restored and moved to the Active list. Join Codes do expire after a week, but the Join Link gives students permanent access to the Session, so you can use it anytime as you need students to re-enter a Session and respond to questions. Get the Join Code or Link by opening the Projector or Dashboard View:Sessions, projector and dashboard buttons, red arrows, zoomed

If you have more questions, please reach out to us at help@peardeck.com!