Can I Block a Student from my Session?


If you want to keep an individual student from participating in your Session, you can block them from the Teacher Dashboard (a Premium feature). When you block a student, they can no longer do the following:

- Rejoin your Session with the same account, unless you unblock them

- See or respond to any slides, whether Normal or Interactive, on the Student View

- Receive a Takeaway™ (a Premium feature, available to those who log in with a Google account)

Block a student from your Session

1. Open the Teacher Dashboard.

2. Go to the top right corner of the screen and click on the Session Roster button.

3. Find the student, then click on the More Actions (three-dots) button next to their email address. Select Block from Session.

Block student, red arrow

4. The blocked student appears in red in your Roster and is removed from the student total.

Blocked student, new session total

Allow a student back into your Session

1. Open the Session Roster again.

2. Click on the More Actions button and select Unblock from Session.

Unblock student, red arrow

3. The student will be able to join the Session again at with the same Session Join Code.

The blocked student's view

When a student loses access to your Session, here's what they see:

Blocked student, student view