How to share a Pear Deck for collaboration

Pear Deck files live on your Google Drive.  To share a Pear Deck, simply select the "share" option on the file from Google Drive.

From the "Share with others" click "Advanced" to reveal all options below.  

What are some sample reasons for sharing a Pear Deck?

You can share "edit" permissions to another specific user for full real-time collaboration. This is great for co-teaching or sharing with substitute teachers. 

You could also post a "read only" link to twitter, a blog post, or email list to share a deck with colleagues.  They won't be able to edit directly, but they can "make a copy" just a like a Google Doc.

You could also share a read-only template with your students if you want them to build a Pear Deck for a class presentation.

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