Super Teachers using Pear Deck

Need some creative inspiration to get you started on your first deck? Or are you just looking for cool ways to incorporate other programs in your deck? Look no further! We've hand-selected decks from Pear Deck super teachers and from our staff of educators.

Super Teachers

Decks Created by Pear Deck Teachers

  1. Jon Orr @MrOrr_geek
  2. Kaitlin Morgan @missmorgan810
    • 'Start of the Revolution' - Covers the causes of and struggles between social classes during the French Revolution. Get the Deck.
  3. Melissa Pilakowski @mpilakow
    • Intro to Anglo-Saxon Poetry - Helps students adjust to the language of reading Beowulf by reading two Anglo-Saxon poems: "The Seafarer" and "The Wife's Lament." This deck includes a fun vocabulary review! Get the Deck.
  4. Michelle Mulcahy
    • The Age of Exploration - Makes Powerpoint presentation interactive with Pear Deck. Talks about the motives of exploration and how advancements in technology furthered explorers discoveries. Get the Deck

Super Decks

Hand-built Decks by the Pear Deck Team

  1. Getting Started
    • Covers everything you need to know to create your first deck. Get the Deck.
  2. Building Classroom Community
    • Open up classroom discussion and celebration by breaking the ice! This deck was made to help you build your classroom community. Get the Deck.
  3. Romanticism Deck
    • Introduce the Romantic Era to your students through Literature, Art, and Music. Get the Deck.

Find Examples by Subject

Here’s a series of articles about how teachers from different content areas use Pear Deck.

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