Google Classroom Integration

You can turn on Google Classroom in Pear Deck and invite your Classroom class to join your Pear Deck presentation. Your students can even get Chrome Notifications when you invite them. They just click on the notification and they're in! 

Please note: Google Classroom Integration in Pear Deck happens in the Dashboard and when you publish Takeaways™. The Dashboard and Takeaways are both Premium Features. Learn what's included in Pear Deck Premium.



Enable Google Classroom

  1. Log into Pear Deck as a teacher. Go to Pear Deck and click For Teachers.
  2. When you reach your Pear Deck Home, open your My Account page.
  3. Click the Settings Tab, then turn on Google Classroom.
  4. Enable Push Notifications - The fastest way to get students into your Pear Deck session is to let them get Chrome Notifications. If you don't enable notifications, students can still join your session via the Join screen at Students will still have the opportunity to accept or decline notifications. By checking the box, you simply give them the option. 

Invite Students via the Teacher Dashboard

  1. Start Presenting your Pear Deck
  2. Open the Teacher Dashboard (a Premium feature)
  3. Click Invite Your Class
  4. Choose the Classroom class you'd like to invite

  5. Open the Classroom Roster

  6. As students join, their names light up

What Do Students See?

When students go to the Pear Deck Join screen (, they will see a list of any presentations they've been invited to recently. They just click the "Join" button and they're in.

If your Google Classroom Roster is out-of-date or you have a guest, no worries! Students can still enter the regular join code.

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