Great Sites to Embed in Pear Deck

Here are some great sites you can embed in Pear Deck.  In some cases, like Google Maps and Soundcloud, you will need to grab their special Embed Code to do the trick -  Learn more here.
  • Kahoot - Embed a review game
  • Desmos - Embed a graphing calculator
  • Soundcloud - Embed some music 
  • Google Docs - Have students collaborate on a doc. If you have a lot of text students need to look at up close, paste it in a doc first, then embed it.
  • Google Forms - Give students a self-paced quiz or survey
  • Google Maps - Embed your saved Google Map
  • Google Calendar - Ask students to put important dates on their calendar
  • Popplet - Mind map!
  • Sutori - Create and share visual stories collaboratively.
  • TED - Watch a TED talk or embed a TED article
  • Blendspace - Embed your Blendspace lesson to give students a self-paced component of your lesson
  • National Geographic Mapmaker - Let students create cool maps layered with scientific data
  • Duolingo - Embed a language lesson into your Pear Deck
  • EDpuzzle - Create questions at particular points in a video. Then, embed them into Pear Deck for students to watch the video and answer at their own pace

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