Automatically Grade Responses with Flubaroo


After you gather student responses during class, you can export them to Google Sheets and use the free Google Add-on, Flubaroo, to generate and email grade reports.


  1. Create your presentation. Auto grading works best on questions with one correct answer, so we recommend using Multiple Choice or Number questions. Text questions work well if there is a very specific answer, but you can also use the Grade by Hand option.
  2. Present and gather student responses
  3. Important: Create an answer key by responding to your own questions as a student*. Open another tab or window on your own device. Go to and join your Session as a student. Answer all of the questions correctly. You'll set these as an answer key later.
  4. End and name the Session. Click the More Actions (3-dot) button on the navigation bar. Be sure to give the session a clear name, like "Spanish Block 1 Quiz". It will be time stamped, so there's no need to add the date.
  5. Export responses to a spreadsheet. Go to Pear Deck Home and click Sessions. Find the Session you saved. Click the More Actions button (3-dot) next to the name, then click Export to SpreadsheetLearn more about publishing spreadsheets.

  6. Get Flubaroo. It's easy and free! First, open your Google Sheet. It opens automatically in a new tab when you export responses. It is also saved automatically to your Google Drive so you can easily find it later.

    Click Add-ons. Then choose Get Add-ons. In the Add-ons screen, search for and add Flubaroo.

  7. Grade the assignment. Once Flubaroo is installed, click Add-ons again. Hover over Flubaroo, then choose Grade Assignment. Follow Flubaroo's instructions. 

    *In Grading Step 2, you will be asked to select which submission should be used as the answer key by which all other responses will be graded. Here's where you will want to select your own submission.

    To see just the responses again (and not the grades), toggle back to the Student Submissions sheet. 

  8. Send a report to students. When the grades are calculated, go back to the Add-ons > Flubaroo menu and choose Share Grades. You can share via email, Google Drive, or both.

    Click here to learn more about Flubaroo!

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