Ask a New Question

Use the Ask a New Question button to make any presentation instantly interactive. You can even launch a PowerPoint or Google Presentation straight to presentation mode, invite your audience to join, and Ask a New Question on the fly.


How to Ask a New Question

  1. Start Presenting
  2. Invite audience to join using the Join Code
  3. Click the Ask a New Question button
  4. You have 3 options:

  • Option 1: Ask a New Type of Question with the Current Content

    This is good when you want to ask about the content on your slide in a new way. You can choose a new interactive slide type.

  • Option 2: Reask the Same Question

    This helps when you want to ask the same question, but on an additional slide where you can gather totally new responses
  • Option 3: Choose a New Interactive Question

    Use this option to do a quick temperature check or ask about something that came up in conversation. For example, pick the Thumbs Up/Down template and ask students, "If you had to write an essay on this time period right now, how prepared do you feel?"

In all cases, your audience will see a way to answer your question on their screens. If you choose a drawing template, they will be able to draw, if you chose a multiple choice template, they will be presented with options A, B, etc. Your may then give them a verbal prompt.

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