How Do I Downgrade or Delete My Account?

First, let's make sure we are using the same language.  Which of these do you want to do?:

  1. Stop Paying for Pear Deck
  2. Remove Pear Deck from my Google Drive menu
  3. Delete my account altogether forever and ever and all record that I ever existed

Stop Paying for Pear Deck

If you just want to stop paying for Pear Deck but you'd still like to have access to the Free Plan and all of your files, you can go to

From there, you can downgrade to the Free Plan.

Remove Pear Deck from My Google Drive Menu

You can manage you Google Drive Apps by:

  1. Going to the gear menu in the upper right corner of Google Drive
  2. Clicking on "Manage apps"
  3. Clicking "Options" next to Pear Deck
  4. Choosing "Disconnect from Drive"

Delete My Account Altogether Forever and Ever and All Record that I Ever Existed

If you are so totally done with Pear Deck and you don't want there to ever be any record of your existence at Pear Deck, please contact us at

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