Can I See Student Responses without Displaying them on the Projector?


Open the Teacher Dashboard on your own computer screen or on a separate table to see student responses and names privately. Note: The Teacher Dashboard is a Premium Feature. Learn what's included in Pear Deck Premium. You can also use the Dashboard View to show responses on the Projector View. Keep reading to learn how.

Hide all answers from the Projector

To hide answers from the Projector, un-click the Show Responses button.

Here's a look at the Dashboard during a live Session. We know student responses are not showing on the Projector View because the Show Responses button is not engaged. So while you always see individual answers in the Dashboard, these answers are not showing on the Projector right now:  

Show all answers on the Projector

To show answers on the Projector, click the Show Responses button. Below, the button is in red so we know all answers are currently showing on the Projector View: 

Show or hide specific answers from the Projector

Click the star next to a student's name to highlight or hide their responses from the Projector...

Then, click Show Responses. Here's what that looks like on the Projector View. While you can see names in the Dashboard, answers are always displayed anonymously on the Projector view in Pear Deck.

Learn about hiding and showing answers on the Projector view.

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