How do I see Student Responses?

By default, Pear Deck does not show student responses on the Projector View because we think it's best for students to have a chance to respond individually before they get distracted by what other people are saying. 

So, when students begin responding to your question, you will only see the slide content on the Projector View, like this:

When you are ready, you can show responses to: start a discussion in class, to decide how quickly to progress through your lesson plan, or to point out exemplars or misconceptions.

How to Show Responses

  1. Move the mouse to the bottom of the screen to access the Slide Control Bar
  2. Click the Projector Screen Button to show student responses.

    Note: Student responses will display anonymously on the Projector View. We never put student names on the projector, so students can focus on the concepts and not worry about being embarrassed. 

Here's how the answers will display for a Multiple Choice Question. Different types of questions have different display options.   Learn more about the different question types.

If you want to see answers for individual students, use the "3-Dot" menu to open the Teacher Dashboard in another tab or on another device.

  1. Click the 3-Dot Menu (or "More Actions" menu)
  2. Click "Open Dashboard in New Tab"  or "Open Dashboard on Another Device."  Learn more about how to use the Dashboard from a separate screen or device.

Now you can see which student said what. 

With a Multiple Choice question, you can hover over a bar to see which students picked that option, like this:

You can also change the layout to "Grid View"

Now you can see each student's name and the answer they chose.

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