The Pear Deck to Google Slides File Converter



The new converter allows you to quickly transform any presentation from the old Pear Deck Editor into an interactive, Pear Deck for Google Slides presentation. Your slide content and interactive questions will all stay intact in the conversion, and the file will be saved in your Google Drive and Pear Deck Home under Recent Files

If you have an animated GIF or video file, you should install the Chrome Extension to maintain the full fidelity of that content when you present with the Pear Deck Add-on in Google Slides.  Learn how to install the Pear Deck Power-up extension

Why convert your files to Google Slides?

First and foremost, the technology we use to create the Pear Deck files in Google Drive is being closed by Google, and the old Pear Deck Editor will not be available after December 1st, 2018. While you will be able to continue presenting old Pear Deck Slides presentations, you will not be able to edit them in the Pear Deck Editor after December 1st. That is why you should convert to Google Slides! 

We also think the  Pear Deck for Google Slides Add-on in Google is much easier for teachers to use. It lets you format slides just how you want, and still get all of the Pear Deck interactivity. It also comes with the pre-made slide template library, so you can easily drop in formative assessments, reflections, and bell ringers. It works closely in alignment with our mission to make it easier for teachers to hear from each student every day. Click here to learn more.

How to convert your Pear Deck files to Google Slides

1. Open your Pear Deck file in the Pear Deck Editor. You can open it from Pear Deck Home or from Google Drive.

  • If your file was recently opened, you can find it on your Pear Deck Home and click on it.

  • In the file detail view that pops up, you can either present the Deck as is, or click Convert file to Google Slides. The only way to edit it is to convert it to Google Slides!

  • If your file is not showing up on your Home page, don't fear! All of your Pear Deck files are saved in Google Drive. Open your Google Drive and search for it. Unless you it was moved, it will still be in your Pear Deck folder. When you find it, right-click on it, then select Open with > Pear Deck

2. Once you open the file with Pear Deck, you'll see the screen below. When you are ready to convert, simply click Convert File to Google Slides. The conversion is pretty quick, but make sure to stay on the screen while it's happening so the process can be completed.

3. Your file will be automatically transformed into a new Pear Deck for Google Slides file, complete with all of your original slides and interactive questions!

There's an instructional slide included here to show you how to edit and present your new file with the  Pear Deck for Google Slides Add-on. You may delete this slide at any time.


Here is an example of how a Multiple Choice slide will look when it is converted. 

Pear Deck Editor View
To start, here is the slide before the conversion.

Google Slides View
Here is the slide after the conversion. The grey Pear Deck bar at the bottom of it indicates that it's still interactive with Pear Deck. To preview the multiple choice options that that students will see, go to the  Ask Students a Question section. Click on the slide type (Choice, in this case) to see or change the response options.

Interactive Response Preview
...Now you can see the options you gave students on the original slide in the Pear Deck Editor. You can keep them in your presentation or change them here.

What happens to slides that had AsciiMath syntax?

Click here to read about how you can convert your math syntax.

What happens to slides that had a student canvas?

If you made a slide in the Pear Deck Editor with a separate canvas for students to draw or drag on, click here to learn how this type of slide will be converted to the Add-on.

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