Can I Transfer or Switch My Account?

Are you switching schools or districts? Or would you simply like to start using Pear Deck with a different Google account? No problem! While it's not possible to combine Google accounts, and we at Pear Deck cannot transfer your files from one account to another, we can definitely help you save all of your hard work!

Transfer Your Files in Google Drive

In order to transfer a presentation file, you will  share it from one Google Drive account to another. Then, make a copy of the file in your new account to make sure you always have access to it. Please note that while presentations can be transferred, Sessions data cannot be directly shared or transferred from an account.

1. Share a presentation to your new account.  Pear Decks and Google Slides presentations are Google Drive files that you can share just like any other Drive file.

2. Go to People and add the new account. You can even share the file to a personal Google account if you just need somewhere to store it during the summer. Please note that the you must share to a Google-based account.

Next, you can set file sharing permissions. In this case, it won't be necessary to set editing or commenting permissions, since you will be making a separate copy of this file anyway (but giving another person editing or commenting ability is a great idea when you want to collaborate on a presentation).

For more information about sharing in Drive, see Google's help article  Share files from Google Drive.

3. Make a copy of the presentation in your new account. This way you'll have a copy that can't be deleted from the source account.

  • Go to Google DriveDocsSheets, or Slides.
  • Right click on the file you want to copy. Or, if the file is open in an Editor, click File.
  • Click Make a Copy.

Update Your Payment Plan

If you are paying for Pear Deck Premium and looking to switch your payments from one Pear Deck account to another, please write to and we will get you in touch with a billing specialist who can help.

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