Make your PowerPoint Presentation Interactive with Pear Deck

With the  Pear Deck for Google Slides Add-on, you can instantly add Pear Deck formative assessments or interactive questions directly to your Google Slides presentations.

So how do you apply the Pear Deck magic to your PowerPoint presentations? Here's how to do it in two steps...

Step One
Import your PowerPoint file in Google Slides

1. Make sure your PowerPoint file is saved to your desktop! 

2. Open a  Google Slides presentation.

3. Click File > Import slides.

4. Click  Upload. Then Select a file from your computer. You'll then be prompted to select the file from your computer.

5. Select your PowerPoint (.ppt) file. Once your files are loaded, choose the slides you would like to import by clicking on their slide image.

6. Click Import slides.

Step Two
Add Pear Deck Interactive Questions

1. In the Google Slides menu, *Click Add-ons > Pear Deck > Open Pear Deck Add-on.

*To do this, you'll need to quickly install the Add-on first.  Get instructions here

2. This opens the Pear Deck sidebar menu, which is full of pre-made interactive slides and custom interactive questions to add to your presentation!

3. When you are ready to present, make sure to click the big green Present Lesson button so that students can join your presentation and interact with your slides.

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