How to Play the Flashcard Factory Game


The Flashcard Factory is a collaborative game in which students make flashcards to study from later. Students work together to create example definitions or sentences and illustrations for the terms you give them. You get to approve the final set of Flashcards that will be exported to Quizlet for future review and study - and you don't even need a Quizlet account.

What you Need to Play...

  • A teacher computer to run the game.
  • A projector for students to see your View, the Factory (not totally necessary, but highly recommended).
  • Student Devices. Each student needs a computer, tablet, or phone to play.

Steps of the Game

Step One:
Launch the Flashcard Factory
  1. Go to Pear Deck Home and click on the Vocabulary List you want to use. Don't have a list yet? - Here's how to make one.
  2. In the new window, click Start Flashcard Factory.
  3. Hook your computer up to a projector so students can see the Flashcard Factory Floor (your view).
Step Two:
Clock students in

Follow the instructions on the screen to get students clocked in. If you've used Pear Deck Slides before, it's exactly the same.

  1. Students go to
  2. They log in with their Google Account.
  3. Then, they enter the five-letter Join Code on the projector screen.

  4. After everyone has logged in, click Clock in! If students arrive late, they can still join. The code will be displayed on the bottom of the screen throughout the game. 
Step Three:
Get students into groups

As students join, they are grouped into the Day Shift and Night Shift teams. These two teams will compete against each other to get the most cards accepted into the final study set. Within each team, students are assigned to pairs. These are the pairs that will work together to create cards. When there's an odd number of students, or a student joins after groups are formed, the extra student will be assigned to work alone.

Ask students to find the members of their Group and sit next to them. To change the groupings, you can click Shuffle Teams. When you are ready, click Let's Play!

Step Four:
Production phase

Now you are in production phase where students create and submit their Flashcards for later approval.

  1. Each group will be randomly assigned one of the Terms. One student in the group will be the Writer. They will be prompted to write an example sentence or definition of the term.The other student will be the Illustrator. They will be prompted to draw an image that corresponds to the sentence the Writer is writing. They must work together to make the best card. When they're both done, they will be able to review and submit.
  2. You will all be able to see the submitted cards tumble down the shoots and onto the conveyer belt.
  3. After a group submits a card, they will be assigned a new Term. If they were the Writer the last time, they will be the Illustrator this time.
  4. Whenever you are ready, you can move to the Quality Control Phase. You do not have to wait until there are examples for each Term. If there is no example for a particular Term, it will still get its own Flashcard with the Term and Definition on it.

Note: We believe one of the most powerful aspects of Flashcard Factory is the discussion and debate that happens in the Quality Control Phase. For that reason, when Flashcard Factory is randomly assigning Terms to student groups, it will try to get two examples for the same term before it tries to get an example for every Term. So, for example, you might end up with two examples for chromosome before you get one example for nucleus.

Step Five:
Quality Control Phase

In this phase, review the cards and accept the ones you want to send to the final study set. You can do this phase on your own or with students. We recommend doing it with students when possible so they can discuss the ideas, understand misconceptions, and learn from each other.

  1. Click on a card.
  2. Discuss and debate. 
  3. Feel free to click on another card with the same Term to compare and contrast different examples. You can accept or reject the cards. It's ok to accept more than one for the same Term.  If you reject all the examples, we will still put the Term and Definition on the final Flashcard, but there won't be an example on it.
  4. When you are done accepting, click the Shipping button.
Step Six:
Shipping Phase

In the Shipping Phase, you can see which team, Day Shift or Night Shift, had the most cards accepted. Then you can ship the cards to the final study set in Quizlet!

When you export, you'll get a link to your Flashcard Set that you can share with students. You can even set a password to keep the set private. When they click on the link, students will be able to see the cards and play any Quizlet game they choose.

And that's it! You've played Flashcard Factory!

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