How Do I Create a Vocabulary List

When you want to create a new Vocabulary List to use in Flashcard Factory, here's what to do:

  1. Log into Pear Deck
  2. Click "Start a Vocab List"

Now you have some options about how to enter the terms. You can:

Choose a Pre-Made List

  1. Click "Find Vocabulary List by Subject"
  2. Search for the subject, term, or book you are looking for
  3. Click a list that suits you

Now you can add or delete Terms as needed. 

You can also add in definitions. Click "Find Definitions," then select the definition you'd like to use.If you add definitions, students will see the term and definition while playing Flashcard Factory. They can try to use the term in a sentence.

If you leave the Definition blank, they will just see the Term. They can try to explain the term in their own words.

Type your Terms and Definitions

  1. Type your Term in the space provided
  2. Hit "Enter" to go to type the definition for the Term
  3. Hit "Enter" again to make a new Term.

You can leave the "Definition" field blank if you want students to explain or define the Term in their own words.

Paste in a List from somewhere else

If you have a vocabulary list in a spreadsheet or another program, like Quizlet, you can copy and paste it into the Pear Deck Vocabulary List Editor.

From a Spreadsheet

  1. Select the Terms and Definitions and Copy them
  2. Open the Pear Deck Vocabulary List Editor and Paste
    Notice that even when you paste the whole list at once, the Terms and Definitions come in correctly as separate words.

Export from another program

Let's say you have a list you like in another program, like Quizlet. You can export the list in CSV (or spreadsheet) format, then copy and paste into Pear Deck Vocabulary.  Here's how hit works in Quizlet:

  1. Find the list you want to use and click the "More Actions" menu (looks like 3 dots)
  2. Click "Export"
  3. Make sure "Tab" and "New Line" are selected at the top. Then click "Copy Text"
  4. Go right to you Pear Deck Vocabulary List and Paste.

Notice all your Terms will come in as separate words. 

Now that you have your list created, just click "Play Flashcard Factory" to begin

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