Getting Started with Flashcard Factory

Increase retention and engagement with this fun, team-oriented vocabulary game! Let students work together to create the best example sentences and illustrations for your vocabulary terms. At the end of the game, review and choose the final flashcard set. You can export the final set to Quizlet - and you don't need even need a Quizlet account.

At home, students can play review games and all the fun examples they created help them remember and understand the terms.


The 5 Steps of Flashcard Factory

1. Create a New Vocabulary List

Log into Pear Deck as a teacher. When you reach Pear Deck Home, click Start a Vocab List:

2. Add Vocabulary Terms

Find a Vocabulary List by Subject, paste in your own list, or type in terms. Merriam-Webster is on call to help you fill in definitions as you go. You can choose whether or not to give students a definition.

Learn more about creating a list.

3. Play the Flashcard Factory Game

Flashcard Factory is most fun when you project the game at the front of the room. It's not technically necessary though, so if you don't have a projector, no worries.

When you click Play Flashcard Factory, we will display instructions on your View (the Projector View) telling students how to join the game. Students go to, log in with their Google Account, then enter the code displayed on the Projector View.

Once they have joined the session, you can click  Clock in. Students will be split into teams in order to create example sentences and illustrations for the new terms. As a class, you can review the cards on the Projector View and choose the best examples to be included in the final Flashcard Set.  

Learn more about how the game is played.

4. Ship your Flashcard Set

After completing Quality Control and selecting the final examples to be included in your Flashcard Set, you can Export to Quizlet. You don't even need your own Quizlet account!

5. Share and Review

Share the link with students so they can review the terms with any of Quizlet's fun study games.

Have fun creating an interactive experience for your students with Flashcard Factory! Click on related articles below to learn more.

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