Pear Deck Coaches

The Pear Deck Certified Coach Program is an elite group of highly-innovative educators. Coaches are provided with training in Pear Deck Best Practices and Peardagogy. In addition, our Coaches share their expertise with other teachers at regional conferences and professional development training sessions. 

The goals of the Pear Deck Certified Coaches Program are to:

  • Connect passionate Pear Deck educators with each other as well as with the team behind Pear Deck
  • Provide professional growth opportunities for teachers interested in student engagement, formative assessments, and increasing critical, creative thinking in students
  • Amplify the voice and reputation of passionate teachers by:
    • Providing speaking opportunities at regional PD days and conferences
    • Sharing out their exemplary Pear Deck lessons
    • Sharing their writings through our newsletter and blog

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Frequently Asked Questions 

Q.  Where do coaches fit into the Pear Deck mission and goals?
A.  Our mission is to help teachers provide powerful learning moments for every student every day. As we work toward this goal, the Pear Deck Certified Coaches provide important leadership in our partner schools to encourage their peers in striving for this kind of engagement every day.

Q.  I understand the application process, but what are the selection criteria for coaches?
A.  Applications will be evaluated on pedagogical soundness, demonstrated variety and appropriate usage of Pear Deck Slide Types, overall polish (free from spelling and grammatical errors, etc.), and presentation skills.  

Q.  Can I choose my own presentation materials and style or do I follow a template?
A.  Because you are presenting on behalf of Pear Deck, we provide a template for you to follow. While we certainly want you to be yourself and “make it your own” we do provide materials to ensure that presentations are consistent and accurate across the board.

Q.  Are there face-to-face meetings or is this an online cohort?
A.  This certification program will take place online. Training sessions will be scheduled according to participant availability. There will be at least two date/time slots offered for each large group session in order to accommodate participants’ unique schedules.

Q.  Does Pear Deck provide coaches with a Premium Membership?
A.  Yes, you will be given Premium Access to Pear Deck and all of our products as long as you are an active Pear Deck Coach.

Q.  Once I get certified, am I certified forever?
A.  In order to remain a Pear Deck Certified Coach you will need to remain active in fulfilling your coaching requirements each year. This means presenting at one event each year, and submitting a new Deck to the Orchard at least twice a year. As Pear Deck platform offerings grow over time, we plan to offer other re-certification opportunities.

Q.  What happens after I get certified?
A. There are a ton of benefits to being a Coach! 

  • You get a Pear Deck Certified Coach badge to include on your blog, email signature, stationery. Heck, make a sticker and wear it on your blazer!
  • You’ll boost your fame by speaking at regional conferences. 
  • You can be an official representative of Pear Deck at regional Google Summits. We'll cover the cost of event registration, a travel stipend, swag, and presentation materials.
  • You’ll boost your tech savvy reputation by providing trainings to schools in your area. 
  • We may also contract with you assist new partner schools with training and support as they roll out Pear Deck.
  • You’ll get to connect directly with the Pear Deck team and other teachers like you on a daily basis. 
  • You will be invited to our Coaches Chat, where all Pear Deck Certified Coaches converse with the Pear Deck team, sharing ideas about teaching.
  • You’ll contribute exemplary lessons to the Pear Deck Orchard and have opportunities to share your expertise through our blog.

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