Create a New Deck

You can create an interactive lesson using our Pear Deck Slide Editor.


You can create a new Deck in 2 ways:

  • From the Pear Deck Home Screen
  • From Google Drive


From the Pear Deck Home Screen

  1. Log in to Pear Deck
  2. Click "New."
  3. Click "Slide Deck"

From Google Drive

  1. Open your Google Drive
  2. Click "New" at the upper left side
  3. Scroll down to where it says "More"
  4. A side menu will pop up with any additional Drive apps you have installed. Click on "Pear Deck." (Haven't installed Pear Deck yet? - Find out how).

Creating Slides and Interactive Content

The Pear Deck Slide Editor will open and you can begin creating your slides.

Import Slides

If you already have a slide show from another program, like PowerPoint or Google Slides, you can go ahead and import it. Just click the link in the Pear's speech bubble, or open the menu at top left and click "Import.  Learn more here.

Make Slides from Scratch

You can also create your own content from scratch right here in the editor.

  1. Click "Add Slide" - If you click the "+" button, you'll be able to select what type of slide you'd like to create.
  2. Add a Title or Question
  3. Add Additional Content - like an image, bulleted list, text box, or YouTube video
  4. Configure the Student View - On the right side of the Slide Editor, you can see a "Student Preview." Here you can see what students will see on their screens when you present. You have additional options to configure depending on what type of slide you are creating. Learn more about each kind of Slide.
  5. Repeat - repeat this process until your lesson is ready to present!

Note: If you want to import slides at this point, no problem! Just click on the hamburger button in the top left corner, then click "Import" to find and select the slides you want to import.

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