Reviewing Student Answers after Class

After class is over, you can go back and review student answers in the Teacher Dashboard. Please note: The Teacher Dashboard is a Premium Feature. Learn what's included in Pear Deck Premium.

Great Reasons to Review Answers in the Teacher Dashboard

  1. You can review the lesson slide-by-slide and see student responses on each slide.
  2. You can see a quick aggregate view of student answers on each slide so you can see how well the class, on the whole, understood the material:
  3. You can also dive into individual responses to get a sense of each student's level of comprehension:

How to Find and Review Answers after Class

Here is the best way to organize and find answers later:

  1. When class is over, be sure to "End the Session." This effectively closes your presentation so students can't make any changes.

  2. Go to your home screen
  3. Click on the Deck (or lesson) you want to review.
  4. A little window will appear and list all of the Sessions you've given with that Deck.
  5. Click the Session you want to review. Or, click the Dashboard icon next to it.

What if I Can't Find my Deck on the Home Screen? 

Your Pear Deck Home Screen only shows your most recently used Decks.  If you are trying to review an older Session and you can't find the Deck on the Home Screen, here are some other options:

Search Your Sessions List
  1. Click on your "Sessions" Tab. You will see a list of every single Session you ever presented. 
  2. Search for the name of the Session (like "World History Period 1") or the name of the Deck (like "Magellan"). 
  3. When you find the right Session, click on it to open the Teacher Dashboard
Search for the Deck from your Pear Deck Home Screen
  1. Scroll to the bottom of your Pear Deck Home Screen
  2. Click on the note that says "Can't find the file you're looking for? Search Google Drive"
  3. The Google File search window will open. You can search for the name of your Deck (like "Magellan").
  4. Double click to open it
  5. The Deck window will open, giving you the option to Edit, Present, or open a past Session.
Find the Deck in Google Drive

Finally, since all your Pear Deck files live in Google Drive, you can search directly in your Google Drive.

  1. Open Google Drive in another tab
  2. Find your Deck - Either search for the name of the Deck, or use your folder list to the left to find your "Pear Deck" folder.
  3. Open the "Pear Deck" folder
  4. Open the "Decks" folder
  5. Double click on the Deck you want to review. The file will open in the Pear Deck slide editor.
  6. Click the 3-Bar Menu at top left
  7. Click on "Sessions"
  8. You will see a list of every Session you gave with this Deck. Click on the one you want to review to open the Teacher Dashboard.

Note: The Teacher Dashboard is a Premium Feature. Learn what's included in Pear Deck Premium.

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