How to Use the New Dashboard

Hello and welcome! Herein you will find an introduction to our new Teacher Dashboard. If you've used the in-class Dashboard before, you'll find this one quite different and better!  Note: The Teacher Dashboard is a Premium Feature. Learn what's included in Pear Deck Premium.

On March 8th, 2017, the new Dashboard became permanent, and the old Dashboard slipped quietly away, becoming but a faint memory. 

Ready to get started? Read on!!

Specific Changes to Expect:

Dashboard Layout 

It’s very different. Mostly you should just explore it. But there are a few major things to note:

Slide Thumbnails (1) - See what's coming next!  The left side is no longer a roster of students. Instead it’s a slide drawer that shows thumbnails of all your slides, so you know what’s up next.

Student Roster (2)- We’ve moved the student list into a popup button. This allows teachers to get a quick overview of their class roster and students’ moods without navigating away from the dashboard.

Change Layout - You can now toggle between different layouts for the responses. You can choose between List View, Grid View, and Overlay.  Not all options are available for every slide; for example, you can't overlay text answers.  Note: Your layout choices are reflected on the Projector View and you can change them from the Projector View. Also, your preference will be saved for each slide type.

Same answers, shown in List View and Overlay Views:

Sort Responses - You can sort student responses by time they were received, by students' first names, or alphabetically by response. Note: When you sort answers, this is not reflected on the Projector View. This sort is private to you so you don't risk losing anonymity on the Projector View.

Controlling the Slides

Projecting Responses - There used to be a "see responses" button that would toggle your view from the content to the student responses. Now you have a "Project Responses" button. This means that you always get to see student answers on your Dashboard regardless of whether or not you are projecting them. When you are ready to share, click the Projector Screen button. 

When responses are being projected, the button will be red and a red line will surround the answers, so you'll know they're being shared, like this:

Scroll to an answer - When you are using the Dashboard and you want the projector screen to scroll to a particular answer, just tap that answer from the Dashboard (there used to be little target icons to click, those are gone now). If you double tab on a response it is highlighted on the Projector View, allowing you to "point to" that answer.

On-the-fly Questions - The Ask Again button has now been combined with Quick Question so that all your on-the-fly question needs are in one spot

Student View Changes

Unified Student-View - As you know, when students are in Student-Paced Mode, they can see both the answer input as well as the full content of the Projector View. That’s really nice because they can see all the content up close instead of squinting to see the Projector. You can also ask your question in the Title Field and then add additional instruction in the body of the slide and students can see it all on their screen!  

Now, students will see this view at all times, regardless of whether you are in Student-Paced or All-Together Mode. If you want students to look at you instead of the content on their screen, just press the Lock Button.

Postless Responses - It used to be that students would need to click "Post" before you could see their Text or Number responses.  Now their answers are saved as they type. This means you can see their thoughts as they write, so you can more easily tell if someone is still working or if they are stuck. It also means if you accidentally move to the next slide, their responses aren't lost.

You'll also notice that students can add additional Text Responses without the first one being crossed out (as in the image above).  If they want to edit a response, they just click on it.

When students have entered more than one response, you can locate their additional responses by clicking the indicator in the corner of their first response, like this.

Enlarge Images -  When students are on devices with small screens, it can be hard to see images.  They now have an button that lets them enlarge images on their screens.

Better Mobile Experience - When students are using Pear Deck from a mobile device, they now have better pinching and zooming abilities.

Other Fun Things to Note if You Like:

Starring Interesting Answers   

Let's say you want to set aside some answers to discuss with students. Click the star next to any and all answers you want to discuss.

Now when you click "Project Responses," only the starred answers display.  
This is a great way to quickly highlight exemplars, common misconceptions, or opposing opinions.  
In Student-Paced, you can go through starring answers you want to talk about later. When you want to display all answers again, just click “Clear Stars”.

Student Progress  

When in Student-Paced Mode, you can see how many students are each slide. If you click on the number, you can see exactly which students are on each slide. 

There is a green progress bar along the bottom of each slide to show you approximately what percentage of students have completed that slide.         

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