Can I Type Math Equations in Pear Deck?



You can type Math Equations into a slide in the Pear Deck Editor. Students can type equations into text responses.

Typing Equations as a Teacher

When you want to type an equation, open the Pear Deck Editor. Type "##", then your equation, and then end with another "##". That's all there is to it!

Like this: ##2/5##

Pear Deck will show you what your equation will look like as you type: 

You can type equations into  Multiple Choice Options, too:

Find out how your equations will look in presentation mode under the Student Preview of any slide type: 

Typing Equations as a Student

Here is what the previous Multiple Choice slide looks like in the Student View, after you start presenting:

If students use the same double hashtag on a Text Slide... Their equations will render correctly when you post responses on the Projector View, like this:

...Or like this, if you switch to the Grid Layout on the top left corner of your Projector View:

Example Syntax

Here are some common equations to show you how the syntax works:

The syntax is pretty intuitive to learn. We use AsciiMath Syntax.

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