Add Interactive Slides and Formative Assessments to your Presentation


Pear Deck is great for making formative assessments and activities that get students thinking critically and more deeply about any subject. With Pear Deck, you can engage your students with fun, interactive custom and pre-made activities. Keep reading to learn how!


  1. Install the Pear Deck for Google Slides add-on or the Pear Deck for PowerPoint Online Add-in. You only have to do this once.
  2. Open a presentation.
  3. Open the Pear Deck Sidebar.
  • In Google Slides, go to the Add-ons tab and click on Pear Deck > Open Pear Deck Add-on.

Gslides, open the add-on

  • In PowerPoint Online, click on the Home tab and click on Pear Deck.

Ppt, open the add-in


4. With the sidebar open, you can add a Formative Assessment Slide Template for the beginning, during, or end of lesson, critical thinking, math, or other topics. You can find templates in the Pear Deck for Google Slides Add-on, the Pear Deck Examples page, or by launching the Template Library within the Pear Deck for PowerPoint Online Add-in.

Let's start with a Slide Template for the beginning of the lesson. In the Slide Library, click on Beginning of Lesson to open all of the templates. Choose the template you want and click on it to add it to the presentation.

Notice the Pear icon at the bottom of the slide. The speech bubble lets you know this is a Text Response slide, so students will be able to respond by typing text. When you present this slide to students, they will be able to type an answer to this question. Right from the beginning of class, every student is actively thinking about the lesson and sharing their thoughts.

5. In the same sidebar, you can also add your own content and make a custom Interactive Slide. Just scroll down to the Ask Students a Question section.

Ppt, sidebar open, instructions and red arrows-1

Here is a custom Drawing Response slide. You can see the Pear with the canvas on the Pear Deck bar. When you present this slide to students, they will be able to use the drawing tools (which including illustration and typing tools) on this entire slide.


6. When you're ready to present, click the green Pear Deck button to start a new Session (make sure to present with Pear Deck, or the presentation won't be interactive). The new Session generates a new Join Code. Students go to, enter the Join Code from your screen, and sign in with their Google or Microsoft Office 365 account login credentials - matching the type of account you're using to present - in order to join the Session.

That's it! That's how easy it is to create your Interactive Formative Assessments and activities. Now every student can actively participate in your lesson, leading to deeper, longer-lasting learning.