Automatically Grade your Pear Deck with Flubaroo

After you gather student responses during class, you can export them to Google Sheets and use the free add-on, Flubaroo, to generate and email grade reports.



  1. Create your Deck - Auto grading will work best on questions with an exact right answer, as opposed to open-ended questions.  So, I recommend multiple choice or number questions.  Text-based questions can work as well if there is a very specific right answer
  2. Present your deck and gather student responses
  3. Respond as a Student - I recommend opening another tab or window on your own device and joining as a student.  Answer all of the questions correctly. This will make it easy to set an answer key later
  4. Save the Session - End your session by clicking the "Power" button in the lower right hand corner on the control bar.  Be sure to give the session a clear name (Like "Spanish Period 2 Quiz"). It will be time stamped, so you don't need to add the date
  5. Export Answers - You can find the Deck back at your home screen.  Click on the Deck to find the session you just saved.  Click on the gear next to the session name and click "export"
  6. Get Flubaroo - if you don't already have it, you will need to click on the "Add-Ons" menu in Google Sheets.  Choose "Get Add-Ons" and then search for Flubaroo
  7. Grade Assignment - Once you have Flubaroo installed, click on the "Add-On" menu in Google Sheets, hover over "Flubaroo" and choose "Grade Assignment."  Follow Flubaroo's instructions
  8. Email Report to Students - Once the grades are calculated, you can go back up to the same Add-On > Flubaroo menu and choose "Email Grades"

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